Weekly photo challenge: Resolved

I resolved a long time ago that three little words should be my mantra: live, laugh, love. So I try to live my life to the fullest, seeing, experiencing, listening to, tasting, learning and doing as much as I can possibly pack in to it.

But if I were to put it in pictures, I suppose resolved would mean these (and probably a bit more).

023bTo follow my own path, even if it is a bit muddy along the way.

022b (2)To love unconditionally.

022bTo be spontaneous whenever you feel like it.

063bTo take time to smell the flowers.

092bAnd listen to the music around you.

005bTo look for new horizons.

231bTo taste new things.

photo (2)Try new experiences.

056bAnd meet fascinating people.

178bTo take notice of the little things.

me n cameraAnd to capture as much of it for posterity as possible.

002bAnd if you find doors closed in front of you …089

Push them open to see what’s on the other side :)

See what others have RESOLVED.

    • Jamaican curried goat from a Caribbean Carnival … absolutely delicious :)

  1. Love this post. Very inspiring. Been catching up with the blogging world. You take such beautiful photographs. :)

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