Wild graveyards

A lot of churches are turning over part of their graveyards to wildlife.

Personally, I think graveyards that are left to grow a little wild are stunning, although I know not everyone thinks the same.

Some prefer the beautifully manicured cemeteries and graveyards. I think there is a place for both.

I went for a walk around the village earlier, and the graveyard at St Peter’s Church in Yateley just reinforced my view that a little wilderness can look amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it looking so lovely.









    • What I couldn’t capture on camera was that it was positively raining blossom, it was very beautiful

  1. I totally agree especially those areas of graveyards occupied by older graves that do not have family coming to visit

    • Exactly :) and it becomes a real haven for wildlife too

  2. What beautiful shots of the slanting dappled light, the glimmering bluebell pools, and those stone crosses. Wonderful :-)

    • Thank you, it looked so pretty in the sunlight :)

  3. Beautiful, but I like both, I like it to build up, neat at the front and then climbing to wildness a the back :)

    • I agree, I can’t imagine the whole graveyard being like this but it is lovely to see some of it left to run a little wild :)

      • I think its the gardener in me :)

  4. Valkrye said:

    Really lovely Dory, You may know about the scheme called” God’s Acre” to allow churchyards to maintain what would grow naturally in that location, in season~ wildflower varieties ect~ the ones I have seen are very beautiful and not ‘overgrown” there is a beautiful naturalness about them ~ I like to imagine as they would have appeared originally in many respects. Under the scheme, nothing planted that is not native to the place ~ and expect that anything too invasive would be kept in check like ivy or nettles ~ they set aside certain areas where the wild plants are allowed to flourish and it never looks neglected but rather the reverse just but not in a very formal way. Thank you for sharing this very lovely spot.

    • Thank you … and thanks for the information too. I shall look out for some more :)

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