Man took a photo of me yesterday and I am appalled.

This is not what I want to see when I look in the mirror.

So I said at the start of this blog that I needed to lose a few stone.

I’ve decided that few stone is probably four … well maybe five. Let’s go for four and a half just for good measure.

I am basing my current weight on the last time I got on the scales, which was probably about two weeks ago.

My main problem is that I don’t eat proper meals and then I snack on crap.

So, first step, eat proper meals, don’t snack between meals.

Second problem is not enough exercise.

Second step, 20 minutes’ exercise every day. Walking to start with I think then we will built up.

This week I’ve walked at least a couple of miles every day I think.

Third problem is I don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables.

Third step, find some time to shop properly so I’ve got fruit and vegetables easily accessible. It’s not as if I don’t like them.

Fourth problem … I’m very good at starting things and not carrying them through.

Fourth solution, put it out there so it’s not just me I’m kidding any more.

So, I’m going to shame myself into doing something about my weight and fitness.

Here’s the picture.

First photo. July 5th 2012

I’ll post another one in a month … and one the month after that etc etc.

This a real challenge for me on two counts. I have a weight problem and a self-image problem. I like to give the impression that I don’t give a damn, but I do … I care a lot so it’s time to do something about it.

July 11 2012 – minus three pounds. Woo hoo, I’m on my way. Actually it is minus 3.5 lbs, but I’m only dealing with full lbs here. 67 lbs to go :)

  1. nikkix2 said:

    You look fab! I forgot my scale at the ex’s so i don’t know when I will be able to weigh myself again. But, I’m sure with all the walking I have been doing,,I better have lost some weight!!
    Question how much is a stone??

  2. Thanks Nikki. A stone is 14 pounds. So if I want to lose five stone, that equates to 70 pounds! Long way to go :)

  3. Rachael said:

    Go for it!
    We are both vintage 1965. A fine vintage, tough, able to see things through when it really puts its mind to it. :)

  4. ajaytao2010 said:

    Nice Dory. Thanks for visiting my blog, be in touch with my blog

    • Thanks for visiting, I enjoy your blog very much :)

      • ajaytao2010 said:

        Thanks be in touch

  5. naamlozevink said:

    You are absolutely gorgeous Dory! I am so happy i stumbled upon your blog :) Thank You for sharing xx

  6. I think you look great Dory. We women are far too critical of ourselves. My partner often says it’s a matter of perspective. He says he doesn’t see what I see and I think that’s the same for a lot of couples. I’ll bet “man” as you call him loves you just the way you are. :)

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