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Very patriotic.

I’m having a pottering weekend.

I trudged off to Tesco yesterday to buy some cheap curtains. Tesco doesn’t sell curtains (doh) so instead I purchased these. Now I know they are not going to block the outside world from looking in my window, but they’re cute, I like them and they were the bargainous price of £1 each :).

I’m turning into a gardener!

I dropped the landlord’s mail into the letting agents (my good deed for the day) then I went to Homebase where, as well as a spade for future snow removal on my treacherous steps, I purchased this little lot. Note the gardening gloves are kids ones, I have very small stubby hands – I’d never have made a painist.

And then I chopped back the triffids around the back gate that are growing through from one neighbour’s fence and the honeysuckle (I think) growing through around the patio door from the other neighbour’s garden. I think I destroyed an entire eco system.

I planted a little patio rose that I’d picked up for just £1.49 and about 100 bulbs! I am getting green fingered :) And all the time I took photos recording the efforts.

Daffodil bulbs.

Some of them, like this one, are generic enough to submit to the stock photo agency (you see, I am getting back on track).

I also put my bird feeder up, but the only place I could find to put it was a nail by the back gate. I did see a freestanding bird feeder pole in Homebase but funds are a little short this month, with the move and gorgeous daughter number two’s birthday in ten days, so I resisted for the time being.

I emptied all my bin bags and boxes of clothes onto my bed so I couldn’t get in it until I had put them away and then I went off on a second attempt to purchase curtains.

I went into our nearest main town, Camberley. Now there is a reason I don’t do this very often:

  • The roads into town are congested and full of idiots;
  • The car parks are horrendous;
  • There are way too many people milling about, not looking where they are going and walking into me;
  • Screaming children have invented names like Shaniqua and;
  • Their mothers appear to be orange oompa loompas with bleached blonde or dyed black hair who swear at them loudly while they scream on the floor.

And nothing had changed, it was exactly as I expected. I really don’t enjoy shopping.


My little patio rose.

I found some curtains, there was limited choice. I had to get ones with rings set in because of the style of curtain pole. I bought some for the lounge, for the dining room and for my bedroom.

I got them home and they didn’t fit the curtain pole! So now gorgeous daughter number two has a pair in her room, the one’s for my room fitted, and I am going to have to brave the horror that is Camberley town centre to return the other ones. I might leave that for a day or two.

I did remember to unbury my bed and put all the clothes away and, with the assistance of gorgeous daughter number one’s boyfriend, we put all our Banksy pictures on the walls of the lounge and dining room.

So now our new house looks a little more like home.

My new tiny little back garden.

Ok I gave in.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Marv and Fuzz ripping each other limb from limb and decided their stir-craziness had gone on long enough.

So this morning, while I had my coffee in the back garden, I let them out.

After all of five minutes tentatively sniffing the air, they both disappeared into next door’s garden. Oooops, I really hope the new neighbours like cats.

They were out for about 20 minutes I suppose, sniffing around. Then they got bored and came back inside.

Need to cut these overgrown triffids back.

Now as you can see, my back garden is tiny. Tiny enough for me to cope with? Well that remains to be seen, but in a fit of enthusiasm, I have gone out and purchased some spring bulbs which I intend to plant this weekend.

There only appears to be two plants currently in situe for me to kill, but there are triffids growing through the wall either side and around the gate that need cutting back this weekend.

But it’s sheltered and quiet and I love it :)

The front garden is longer and on quite a big slope. There is a concrete path with five long, slow steps and then three steep steps to the front door. I’m thinking it’s going to be treacherous in snow or ice so I plan to go buy a shovel and some grit/salt now in preparation. I shall do that this weekend too.

Day of the Triffids.

I am slightly concerned about the wall around the back garden because it has been built inside the next door neighbours’ fence and there is a gap between the two.

No we all know the beast that is Marv is not the most intelligent of creatures and I have visions of him getting stuck in this gap and us having to call the fire brigade to extract him. Well, it would make for some good photos :)

Man is not here this weekend, so I have the entire weekend to fill up on my own. I still have a few boxes to put in the loft and I would like to put the pictures on the wall downstairs, fix the net curtain rail that Marv keeps bringing down in his fit of pique at not being let out and find some curtains for the lounge, dining room and my bedroom.

I also need to unpack my clothes (I only sorted work clothes out) and there are a few other bits and pieces to unpack too.

But at the moment, I have coffee and I have a packet of ginger nuts – the two components of a lazy Saturday morning :)



Angry kitten

Marv is angry.

He can see the outside,  he can see us going outside but we won’t let him go outside.

And he is getting a little frustrated.

On Monday he made a bid for freedom. He snuck past gorgeous daughter number two and into the garden. But as he is such a big, slow lump of a cat, he was easily retrieved.

So now he is showing his anger in other ways.

He brings down the net curtain on the lounge window with alarming regularity, he charges up and down stairs like a cat possessed and, if all else fails, he  attacks Fuzzy.

Fuzz in a place of safety.

You see normally if he charges about like a mad thing, someone would get fed up with him and stick him outside.

And, if that doesn’t happen, it was an absolute certainty that attacking Fuzz would get him evicted. Not this week.

So now Fuzz is getting it in the neck (quite literally sometimes) because Marv wants to go outside.

I’ve had to move my flowers from the windowsill because he keeps bringing the net curtain rail down on top of them but nothing he does has got him thrown into the great outdoors yet.

Advice from pet owners and internet said you ought to keep cats indoors for two weeks when you move home.

I’m not sure I will have much of a house left if I do that. But this week I have been going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark so there hasn’t really been time to let them venture outside. Maybe tomorrow Marvellous Marv.

Consequently, I am currently in possession of one beaten up kitten and one very angry kitten.

Yateley Pond.

The last month or so all my time (or the vast majority of it) has been taken up with work and moving. Now it is time to get back on track.

I am being hassled by a couple of the stock photo agencies to submit some more pictures. I still haven’t had success with the first one I tried for because they want ten acceptable photos all in one batch. So that should be my next challenge.

I also have not submitted anymore hubpages and I really have to do this too because there is a remote possibility that both of these things could make me some money and get the pot of cash Man and I need going up again.

Did I say we took the money to buy the new camera out of the Pot? Well we did and so far we have only replaced one third of it. So the pot (and bear in mind here we are aiming for £50,000) currently stands at £200. Much more effort is needed here.

And the writing needs to be developed further too. When I was clearing through the stuff at the old place I found some children’s poems that I’d written a good few years ago. I have to say I still enjoyed them, which gave me a bit of hope. I could try some more of them.

I have a little over three years, according to my self-imposed deadline.

It would be nice if we could stay in this house for that long, or at least until Man and I are ready to get a home of our own together.

As the evenings are drawing in now, and I won’t get as many opportunities to go out and take photos in the evenings and mornings, it must be writing season :)

Some short stories? Some poetry for kids? (I think my humour leans in that direction) or maybe even start that novel I have been threatening for decades?

New car, new home, new start. Time to get back on track again and work towards our goals.

The clock is ticking.



We are home.

Well the alter-egos of Man and I have been planted in the garden and so we are now officially home.

Yesterday, in the driving rain, Man and I emptied out the shed of the old house. Two car loads to the new garage and more books to the charity book bank, which, incidentally, over the course of the weekend we have single-handedly completely filled up – oops.

We then headed into town to buy a few bits and pieces – a yard broom, doormats for the front and back of the house, a proper floor mop, some boxes for the piles of paperwork, a cutlery tray. To be honest it wasn’t the most exciting shopping trip I’ve ever had.

And I got some lovely housewarming flowers from Man,

We put all the empty boxes up in the loft out of sight (ready for next time, although I really hope that’s not any time soon).

We still have a bit to do, but mostly we are moved, we are home, we are just not completely unpacked.

Marv the fat cat got stuffed through the cat flap by the girls. I think it is going to take him a while to understand the concept (he’s a very stupid kitten). And he seems to have found a new hobby. Here he is with gorgeous daughter number two’s camera.

Click click :) I’m sure Marv would be a more skillful photographer than some.

Man goes home today and I feel that I’ve used him all weekend to shift stuff and there hasn’t been time for much rest and relaxation.

But Man is coming down again a week on Friday and then we have two weeks off together. The first week we will spend down here, going out, having fun etc etc, and the second week we will spend at his end.

Last night I took the words of wisdom of a blogger friend. I cooked a huge roast for the three of us girls and our partners and Man and I bought a bottle of fizz. We put a silver coin in the cork and that is now going to live in the cutlery drawer for the duration we live in this house. James says his has been there 26 years, I wonder how long ours will be there.

Sat having coffee in my garden this morning and the light on the trees behind the garden was lovely. I hope to attract some garden birds with some bird feeders. I think I shall probably miss Stanley, but other than that, I think I’m going to like my new home :)


A card from Man.

After the busy day shifting everything on Saturday, Man and I got down to the nitty gritty of cleaning the old place yesterday.

I’d hired an industrial carpet cleaner and man rejuvenated all the carpets with it. I blitzed the empty kitchen and attempted to reattach the bathroom light – I’m hoping it stays in place until after the check out tomorrow.

About the only thing we haven’t done is clean  the windows, but as it has been chucking it down  with rain and that looks set to continue, I’m really hoping no one will notice :)

Today we have to clean out the shed. There’s all my old camping equipment in there, several more boxes of books and some tools and garden equipment.

My parents will be doing the check out tomorrow with the letting agents.

These people don’t need any excuse not to give you your deposit back, it is legalised robbery.

But as far as I am concerned, the house is actually in better condition now than when we took it on two years ago (apart from the fact that I haven’t had the windows cleaned for a while).

In the new place, it’s almost looking like home. We are nearly unpacked and there aren’t too many boxes left to go.

Marvin has ventured out from his hiding place behind the tumble dryer (you could only see his big eyes). We do need curtains, there are  none. But as we are not overlooked in any direction, I’m in no great rush to get any :)

I’m just glad we are in.

Well yesterday was fun :)

It was all hands to the pump as we moved out of house number 1 and into house number 2, 500 yards round the corner.

Man and I started with yet another run to the dump first thing and finished the day with yet another run to the dump! Seriously, where do we get so much rubbish from?

Over the last few weeks I have taken four full car loads to the dump, nine big bin bags of clothes have gone to the clothing bank, three bin bags of books to the book bank as well as about ten bags of stuff to the charity shops.

So how did we have any stuff left to move? Bizarrely we had plenty of stuff to move! Man and I spent the day packing boxes and shifting them. Gorgeous daughters one and two and both their boyfriends were absolutely amazing. They commandeered a van and moved ALL the furniture. They even put my bed back together for me in my room.

My mum cleaned and my dad mowed the lawn and shifted boxes.

It took us all day and we were all exhausted at the end of it. But we’re in – YAY.

I bought everyone a big Indian takeaway and the Virgin man came and connected our tv and internet, woo hoo we have immediate broadband. It’s still chaos but it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The only issue has been the cats. To start with they hid in anything they could find. As the furniture and number of boxes reduced, they got more skittish. When we finally took them to the new house, they hid underneath the pillows on GD1’s bed.

This morning, when I got up, I was making coffee in the kitchen (which, incidentally is absolutely beautiful, when I heard some scraping and Marvin appeared, covered in cobwebs, from his hiding place under the cooker :)

I hope they get used to it soon.