I am a DIY goddess

photo (5)Did I mention I got spoilt rotten at Christmas? Well I did, both by Man and by my two gorgeous daughters and their boyfriends.

One of the things I was given was this birdfeeder and yesterday I decided to put it together.

photo (4)The instructions told me it was very simple … and, to be fair, it was.

photo (3)And within a very short space of time this had turned into this.

photoNow I need a few more containers to hang off it (which I think the gorgeous ones stuffed in the loft a few weeks ago) and then I shall sit and wait for the birds to come and take pretty pictures of them.

002bAt the moment the little buggers insist on sitting at the very top of a nearby tree so I can only just see them. They are going to have to come closer or I am going to have to save up for a much bigger lens.

A friend and I went to a friend’s house last night for dinner and sat putting the world to rights for a very long time. I didn’t get in until 2am (which is about four hours past my bedtime!) So now I have Christmas to erase from my house when actually what I would love to do is to go back to bed.

Still, it was a very nice evening/night/morning :)






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  1. I do love them and that one does look like it might be cat proof let me know how well it stays up without cementing in

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