Scuppered at work

photo (8)Sadly there are a few mindless idiots in this world.

Just before Christmas this boat was moored in town, maybe half a mile from work when some yobs cut the rope … just for fun, you know how it is.

The untethered boat floated merrily down the river until it got wedged in the weir next to our office.

This week the rescue mission began. It took the crew two hours on Thursday just to get the prow unstuck from the weir. All the heavy rain we have been having recently meant the water flow was fierce and the boat was wedged in tight.

Yesterday they tried to refloat her but sadly she was so full of holes it wasn’t possible.

They pumped out the water and used a hyabb to lift her up and then towed her around to the front of the Mill that I work in and loaded her on to the back of a lorry in our car park.

photo (10)The owner is very upset and I’m not surprised really. A couple of mindlessidiots have ruined his hobby. It’s such a shame.

I wonder what they got out of it? The likelihood is they were probably drunk and can’t even remember cutting the boat loose.

Anyway that was the excitement for yesterday.

And I want to show you this.

photo (11)This is my campervan fund. How funky is that?

Gorgeous daughter number one gave it to me as part of my Christmas present. It’s so I can save up the money for the VW Campervan I want to travel round the coast of the UK in.

I’m putting every £2 coin I get in there.

I shall have a campervan in no time :)





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