What are you looking at?


This is me. Well actually it’s a painting by Amy Bessone called Faust that was part of the exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery when I visited last Sunday. But by the time I came out of the gallery, this is what I felt I was like.

I started off looking at the exhibits (some of which I liked and some of which I didn’t) but then became more interested in the way other visitors were looking at the exhibits and interacting with them.

Before I knew it I was stalking people around the gallery taking pictures of them looking at the exhibit so I felt a bit devious and, if I’m being honest, a bit like a stalker. But it was still fun.

The Saatchi Gallery is one of those marvelous places that doesn’t care one iota if you take photographs inside. Unlike Westminster Abbey, which charges you £18 to get in and then won’t let you take pictures. I went in February and am still smarting from the injustice.

Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon mooching about the Saatchi Gallery stalking my prey and looking at the exhibits as well.

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  1. My daughter had a photo in the Saatchi Gallery last year and when we went to see it, I had a wonderful time taking photos, as you say…….no one minds and I got some great shots :)

    • I thought it was lovely … I even went and asked at the desk to make sure I could take photos. Wow, you’re daughter must be very good, well done her :)

      • Yes she’s is very good, not like me a pointer and snapper, she’s the real thing :)

  2. Anny said:

    Well that’s worth noting – I agree, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with places that either don’t allow photography or charge extra.

    • I must admit at Westminster Abbey, having charged us £18 per person I was not happy that I couldn’t take photos. I wouldn’t go back

    • I thought so too. It was interesting watching them. I like to go to galleries on my own, or at least look at the exhibits on my own

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