Tartufos in town

I’m in London for the weekend – specifically Chelsea.

I’m on a press trip. I used to do these a lot a few years ago as I was the self-designated travel editor, I don’t do so many any more.

For those not familiar with the concept, press trips involve PR companies, hotels, resorts, destinations etc inviting journalists on a free visit in the hope they will write something nice about them. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it :)

So this weekend I am staying at No11 Cadogan Gardens, a boutique hotel tucked away behind Sloane Square and part of the Small Luxury Hotels consortium.

And this is my suite for the weekend.

My bedroom.

My bedroom.

My sitting room.

My sitting room.

See what I mean … it’s tough :).

I’m here on my own – no guests (sorry Man) – but with three other journalists, all from magazines – two wedding magazines and a polo magazine – and a delightful PR lady called Kirsten is in charge of looking after us for the weekend and keeping us entertained.

Yesterday involved food and photographs (how could I not be happy with that?). After a brief tour of this lovely little hotel, we had an early afternoon tea (yum) and were then whisked off to the Natural History Museum to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which was completely amazing and closes today so I am delighted I got to see it.

Dino in the front entrance of the Natural History Museum.

Dino in the front entrance of the Natural History Museum.

The general manager joined us for drinks last night. Strangely he had been making sausages all afternoon with his uncle (??) and therefore could not join us for dinner.

Tartufo means truffle in Italian and is the name of the restaurant in the hotel. We dined there last night. It was fabulous. Particularly fabulous was a black truffle risotto created for us to try. It is a specialty of the house and was just the most delicious thing ever. We were given a copy of the recipe by the restaurant. If I can recreate that at home, I am entering Masterchef! (Oh and the Eggs Benedict I’ve just devoured for brunch were pretty special too).

The lovely Kirsten and my three colleagues for the weekend went off clubbing at midnight last night. I went to bed (I’m too old for clubbing!) and got up with the lark and went exploring.

This is what I found.

I love exploring the back streets and hidden areas. Wandering down a residential street I came across Christ Church in a small square surrounded by the most beautiful mews houses. That’s why I love London.

Today we are off on a walking tour of the Cadogan Estate in Chelsea and then I plan to head to the Saatchi Gallery. This evening it’s more food and jazz :)

Sometimes, I really love my job.


  1. Lucky thing !!! Yes, I love London for all those precious little architectural gems, tucked away all over the place, and you only have to lift your eyes above the shop fronts to see glorious windows and pediments everywhere……

    • Oh I am so lucky :) and, yes the architecture is amazing and quite eclectic it is such fun wandering around all the little side streets.

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