Butterflies, bees and budleias

I’m in the middle of writing another church blog … have just finished sorting the photographs.

But I thought I’d have a brief interlude and show you the beautiful budleia in my new garden and the variety of visitors it attracts.

I spent a very pleasant hour yesterday afternoon watching them :)

  1. Fantastic photos, I love bee photos, it something about their little furry bodies. I did a bee photo on my other blog Blosslyn’s Fotorama, at the weekend they were covering my garlic flower heads and it was lovely to see them all after all the news about the bee population. Again great photos :)

    • Thanks :) can you send me a link to your other blog. I’d love to follow that too :)

    • Yes it does :) Welcome back. It’s lovely to hear from you :)

  2. Anny said:

    I sat and watched the same display in our garden at the weekend – the budleia is technically in our neighbour’s garden, but so much now hangs onto our side and it is so pretty. Impressive camera skills Dory!

    • Thank you :) I’m the world’s worst gardener but I love our new garden that is already mature (and low maintenance) :)

  3. Lots of butterflies this year we seem to have more Cabbage Whites by us with a few Red Admirals

    • I’ve bought a butterfly identification book now because I had no clue :) but I do like photographing them :)

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