A to Z challenge

688I haven’t done any creative writing for a while but this morning I saw this WordPress challenge Daily Prompt: A to Z and so I thought I would give it a go.

It’s yesterday’s challenge but never mind, I only saw it this morning. The idea is to write a 26-sentence short story with the first sentence starting with the letter a and each subsequent sentence starting with the next letter of the alphabet.

So here it is:

At the time of writing, I am sitting on the terrace of my little cottage, looking out over the foothills. Beyond the hills are the shimmering diamonds of the gentle ocean waves. Clear views for miles and miles.

Delivery from the urban jungle and my high-stress, fast-paced life has turned out to be just what I needed. Every day has found me feeling more and more rejuvenated. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

Giving in to the fact that I could no longer cope with pretty much anything was hard for me but I feel I made the right decision to move on.

Home is where the heart is. Isn’t that what they say? Just try to understand, my heart – and therefore my home – are now here. Keep your high-powered career, the ‘perfect’ heavily-mortgaged home and the bright lights of the city. Leaving it all behind has turned out to be the greatest gift.

My cottage has just four rooms – bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom – and a terrace where day breaks on a glorious vista. Nightfall brings a myriad of stars; jewels lighting up the sky. Overhead each day fly birds of prey, circling the sky with majestic grace.

People come by occasionally, neighbours pop in once in a while and the odd hiker stops for a cool glass of lemonade. Quietness isn’t necessarily loneliness you know. Remember how you always said how difficult it was to find a bit of time for yourself?

Sometimes I think fondly of London but mostly I don’t think of it at all. To be able not to have my hours, days, weeks mapped out in advance with things that ‘must’ be done is so liberating. Up until a few months ago I had thought of myself as a career girl set on climbing the corporate ladder, wearing the best clothes and being seen in the liveliest bar, obviously I subconsciously wanted more. Views across the rolling hills, watching the stars and growing my own vegetables make me complete now.

When you visit, it will be lovely to see you but don’t speak of work or diaries or traffic through the city. X-Factor, the latest Eastenders’ story line or the drunken antics of footballers WAGS hold no interest for me any more. Yes, I know, that’s a change that’s probably difficult to fathom knowing the old shallow and materialistic me, but I have finally realised the important things in life are not b-list celebrities and designer handbags.

Zero in on the simpler things of life when you come and open your mind to the natural world around us and maybe then you will finally see why I had to leave.



  1. Was racing through to see how you dealt with X lol

    • Yeah the x and z were a bit naff – quite pleased with the rest of it as a first attempt though :)

      • I think you handled it really well I always end up with x-rays lol

      • Lol, thanks I think I need to extend my x and z vocabulary

  2. Luanne said:

    Your home sounds like a beautiful way to focus on what’s important.

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