Been busy

Hi all.
I haven’t been around for a while because things have been manic.
We’ve moved house (again). That was fun! The gorgeous daughters, their boyfriends, Man and I with a hired van and a borrowed carpet cleaner managed to shift all our stuff and blitz the old house in a few hours one tiring Saturday two weeks ago.
This is our fifth home in four years, you’d think we’d be used to it but we’re not.
However the new landlord and his family are lovely. And they say they want to let long term. The new house is easily the best we have rented in the last four years and it has four bedrooms and a big conservatory and a lovely mature garden that comes with a gardener … bliss.
Gorgeous daughter number two went on holiday the next day and came back on the Wednesday. Thursday was GD1’s 23rd birthday and Man and I came on holiday to Northumberland on the Friday.
In addition I started a new job (same company) the week before the move. I have accepted the job of Group Deputy Editor which appears to mean I still run the production department but I also have a young team of reporters and a couple of papers to edit and group-wide I am responsible for the community news and the user generated content – the quirky stuff that I love that is about real people not celebrities or politicians :)
The job came with a new car. A diesel. More miles to the gallon means more road trips for me and Man. Yay.
And most exciting of all. I finally got a new camera (lots of yays) Well I say new, it’s a reconditioned, second hand Canon 50d. But it’s mine and I love it.
Now currently, while I am exploring the North East, I have no laptop to upload my photos too and very limited connectivity so the 1,000 plus pics will have to wait.
Suffice to say our tour has so far included churches, castles, countryside, wildlife and a few pubs :)
Watch this space.


  1. So glad you’re back, I’d wondered where you were. Congratulations on the lovely sounding new house, and the splendid new job, and the great new camera ! Looking forward to seeing the results !!!!

    • Thank you Valerie, I have missed the blogosphere very much. We just got the Internet connected at the new place when we came away on hols. Back with full wifi connection next Wednesday :)

  2. Congratulations on all your good news, not the same with out you :)

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