In search of heroes

Man was down at my place this weekend (he calls it his country retreat) and I had promised him a weekend of places that he was interested in for once, rather than coercing him into accompanying my to churches and ruined castles.

And we did do that, no, honestly we did, but I still managed to persuade him to take a little detour to Aldershot Military Cemetery.

I was looking for the grave of aviation pioneer Samuel Cody, having seen photographs of the memorial procession through the streets of Aldershot and Farnborough 100 years ago.

I found the memorial quite quickly (it’s the big one with the statue).

But then I was struck by the beautiful setting of this military cemetery.

Set on a hill and tucked away in the Military Town, many fallen servicemen rest here. Soldiers, airmen, early aviation pioneers are buried in the peace and tranquility of a beautifully tended garden.

Some of their relatives’s graves are also here, military wives and children.

Many of the soldiers’ headstones bore their regimental badges, and there was a whole swathe of white headstones with  maple leaves engraved on them, soldiers buried on a foreign shore.

I always find cemeteries and graveyards interesting and poignant but military ones especially so.

Here lie heroes.



  1. It does us good I believe to spend a bit of time in a military cemetery every once in a while.

  2. One of my uncle died in WW2 and is buried in Holland, he died just turning 21. He lies with hundreds of other young man, all young, maybe the oldest 30 odd. I have been to visit his war grave several times, the Dutch people adopt a grave and the family look after the grave through generations, my grandparents visited, my mum & dad and then I visited. You get to know the family and stay with them and they were very proud to do this……it was something to do with the War Graves Commission. But it is heartbreaking to see line after line of white headstones and to know that a generation of young men lie there and I am very proud of my uncle. Sorry to go, but you are right every single one of them is a hero.

    • I agree those lines of graves are just heartbreaking and when you look at the ages of those who lie in them, it is just so sad. It is so important people remember.
      But what a lovely tradition the Dutch have in tending them.

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