A little update on some fundraising

In August last year I wrote a post called In Memory of Adam about the fundraising efforts of the daughter of a friend of mine in memory of her childhood sweetheart and husband of just nine months who was killed serving in Afghanistan.

Amy was, and still is, raising money for her charity Adam’s Hoofing Hut. The money raised through a wide variety of fundraising activities is to finance a beach hut in Mudeford, Dorset, for soldiers and their families to use. It was a place very special to Adam’s family and to Amy; Adam proposed to her in one of these beach huts.

Well last week, she picked up the keys to Adam’s Hut. In a very short space of time she and her friends and family have raised the money needed to buy the hut. An incredible achievement.

But the fundraising doesn’t stop here.

They plan to build a purpose-built hut on the site they have bought and so the work continues.

Last night a local pub staged Party in the Car Park and hundreds of people turned out to enjoy some live music and raise more cash.

090bThe event was held last year too. The musicians play on a truck loaned by a local haulage firm. The pub closes off its car park so the event can take over and they have a great line-up of musicians.

114bThis is Dani B on stage, a local up and coming artist.

107bJohn James Newman is another local guy. He featured on the tv series The Voice last year but got knocked out in the knock out rounds. The guy on the right is David Julien. He made it on to the live finals of The Voice 2012. Both are great singers and they supported Party in the Car Park last year as well.

070bJohn James had a special guest on stage last night … his dad.

What was lovely about last night is the way people have come together to support Amy and her and Adam’s families in their bid to provide a lasting memorial to Marine Adam Brown. It is a cause very dear to their hearts and has been adopted by our little community in a way I haven’t seen for years.

Amy is an amazing young woman and I believe that Adam would be as proud of her and the work she has done as she so obviously is of him.





  1. Wonderful story Dory… so moving when communities come together for a cause like yours has. The goodwill that everyone exudes at these times is really blissful, isn’t it…

    • It really is refreshing, especially when you work in the media industry where doom and gloom seems to be the order of the day.
      Out of this tragedy has come something really good.
      And Amy is really a remarkable young lady.

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