The rest of Oakham

030bThis is All Saints Church in Oakham, Rutland. It isn’t one of my Churches Conservation Trust churches but it was very pretty in the sunlight on Saturday morning.

Oakham is the county town of Rutland, England’s smallest county. At its longest length it measures just 18 miles.

It has two towns, Oakham and Uppingham, and we found Oakham by accident while on the hunt for churches one day. We returned for a visit on Saturday.

It’s small but it has a castle (see yesterday’s post) and a lovely church and some other interesting features.



I loved this relief wall mural on the side of a particularly uninspiring piece of modern architecture.

002bBut someone appears to have nicked end of this poor woman’s nose, making her look a little umm pig-like.

003bI don’t know what this Memorial Institute memorialised but I like the door :).

004bWe found Gaol Street, presumably once the location of the town gaol, and noticed a lot of the road signs had once been painted on to the sides of the buildings. I liked this, if anyone from Rutland is reading this, you need to start a campaign to have these refurbished :)

006bI love this sun dial built into the side of the wall of a shop on the corner of Market Street and Leicester Road. I used a little artistic licence to remove the top of the nasty modern road sign at the bottom right of the building.

The sundial says time flies … it certainly does.

025bThese stocks sit under the buttercross, another medieval building. The town is also home to Oakham School, founded in the mid 1500s.

For somewhere so small, it’s got some lovely surviving medieval buildings and it’s a pretty place to have a stroll round. It’s a tiny place so it doesn’t take long to explore.

029bJust by the church you will find this little pathway, which leads to …

028b… coffee and cakes like you just would not believe. Absolutely delicious way to finish our little visit :)









  1. Love the way you see the old signs, beckoning doors and quirky art as part of your journey….and cake at the cottage cafe…perfect!

    • Thanks :) I like the unusual but also things that are part of the street scene and often overlooked. The cake really was fabulous :)

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