Much excitement in Dory’s little world

There is much excitement in my little world this morning.

Out of the blue I received a comment on Dory’s World followed by a tweet from Stacey at the Churches Conservation Trust.

“@Dorysworld The CCT would like to help with 50 b4 50 email us for more details” read the tweet.

How exciting, so I did.

It would seem that the CCT is enjoying my tales of travel around its churches and the little Fifty before Fifty challenge and is offering to help me out.

I emailed (obviously) and in her reply, Stacey said: “I was hoping I could help with compiling routes and dates for you to see them.  We give tours in some of our venues and it would be nice if we could get you on a couple.”

She added: “Would you be interested in being mentioned in our newsletter or pitched to our media contacts.  Your story and challenge is inspiring and I think a lot of people could gain from reading it.”

How very exciting :)

She also added she may be able to help me with another one of the challenges on my list. Number 30 is to take part in a charity event. They have lots, or maybe I could organise one for myself. It would seem a good payback to raise some money for an organisation that I am obviously getting a lot of pleasure out of.

So that’s why I am very excited today :)

Incidentally, I did a bit of a count up and discovered that I have so far checked off 32 of the churches. At my first count there were 342 (and they’ve added a couple since then) so I am in need of the assistance offered :) The countdown clock has ticked down again and I only have 2.5 years before I am fifty! Best get cracking.

  1. When you are famous in Churches Restoration World, I hope you don’t forget us in Blog World. :-)

    More seriously, how very nice of the lady. The list is only going to get harder as you move further from your Hampshire and Nottinghamshire homes and the help might be needed. The “dates for visiting” could prove particularly valuable; the last thing you would want is to travel to Northumberland or Cornwall only to find a locked building!

    Let us know the charity event details so we can contribute in some way.

    • Haha, thank you James. It is extremely useful. Some of the churches have ‘keyholders nearby’ and a phone number to call to get them to come along and open the doors and I never do this because I think it is a little intrusive. It will be great to be able to pre-book a couple of these and have a proper appointment and hugely interesting to join a couple of their tours :)

  2. What a thrill, and how useful… I can see Dory’s world getting bigger, though it couldn’t get better!!!

    • Oh Valerie, thank you so much. I am very excited and, as always, I am touched by your support :)

  3. This is awesome post with wonderful photos. Well done.

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