Phoneography Challenge: My neighbourhood

Although I am a keen photographer and I like nothing better than going out with my camera, I am also a big fan of phoneography, which I see as an emerging art.

These have been taken with my iPhone (which I love) and then edited in Photoshop, some more heavily than others in response to this week’s Phoneography Challenge … click here to see more submissions.

I am lucky, I have two neighbourhoods … a countryside one and a city one.

The countryside one is where my home is in Hampshire, UK, with my two gorgeous daughters, their two lovely boyfriends,  two crazy cats and my family nearby.

My city neighbourhood is 150 miles away in Nottingham on a large estate with Man, my stepson and stepdaughter to be and my little one-eyed ginger cat, the son of my two at home.

This gallery is my city neighbourhood.

I like having the best of both worlds.

  1. It looks like a very diverse neighborhood.

  2. You have the perfect mix of town and country, and a wonderful and growing family :-) I love the promise of spring in your daffodil photo…not long now…although we drove back from my mother-in-laws through a blizzard tonight. Winter is having her last deep gnaw at our bones!!

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