A day of two walks

021bI drove up to Man’s house in Nottingham on Friday. That evening the weather report said it was going to be mild on Saturday but it would chuck it down with rain all day. On Sunday it would be bitterly cold and raining … and probably snowing, with a wind chill factor that would take your breath away.

So we opted on the lesser of two evils and decided to go out with the cameras yesterday and be wet and vaguely warm rather than wet and freezing.

042bWe started off at Rushcliffe Country Park where I found this little grebe (my first). I also found some very oversized ducks, mallards, and they were at least twice the size of the usual ones.

I like Rushcliffe, but it seems a bit more manicured than Attenborough. It’s the perfect country park to take kids because there is a BMX track and half pipe, a huge play area, trails and sculptures to climb on and even a kite field, for the flying of kites and not the watching of birds called kites.

It is an ‘introduce your family to nature’ type of place.

031bWe had a good stroll. We both tried out different walking apps on our phones to see how they compared. Mine said we had walked 2.24 miles, Man’s said we had done 2.52 miles … don’t know which one was correct but either way that didn’t feel like enough so we headed for Attenborough Nature Reserve.

080bAttenborough seems wilder and more natural, there are footpaths all through it but it isn’t as sculptured, it’s purpose is predominantly for the wildlife rather than for the visitors. I prefer it.

It was a grey, grey day and like walking in a cloud … not raining exactly but very damp.

Some signs of spring though, like the snowdrops.

098bWe stopped by one of the hides because I love the small hedgerow birds.

108bAnd discovered all manner of guests had been invited to the banquet below the bird feeder – the pheasant, pigeons, ducks and rats quite happily munching alongside each other.

075bThis little chap was in hedge nearby. Even with the aid of the marvelous Collins bird guide, I have no idea what he is … anyone got any ideas?

And a little further on there was this guy on a pole.

110bI don’t what this is either and would love to know. Kestrel perhaps?

131bFollowing the river, we found some great crested grebes doing some sort of mating dance on the water. They were lovely. And there was a cormorant on another lake as well.

In the summer there are loads of dragonflies and damselflies around this area too.

We crossed the fields and the path takes you back alongside the railway track.

144bThis just amused me. There was one by the side of the pedestrian crossing (which is to be expected) but this was in a swamp. I’ve added it to my ‘out of place’ file lol.

It did start raining more heavily after this so the camera’s had to go away. But we were nearly back to the car by this point anyway.

This time my app said we had walked 2.78 mile and Man’s said 3.12 miles. So somewhere in between those was how far we walked yesterday. Around five miles ish I suppose.

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK and as I am at Man’s house, my two gorgeous daughters sent my pressie here. They’ve bought me a glamping trip (glamorous camping for those who don’t know) for two. There is a choice of ten sites and we can stay in a wigwam or a yurt in Cornwall, Devon, the Lake District, Hampshire or the east coast. I am absolutely chuffed to pieces. What an amazing Mother’s Day pressie. I have the best daughters :)

It is colder today and it is snowing (a tiny bit) so Man and I are leaving the cameras behind and are going to take up the challenge of photographing our neighbourhood with the iphones. So we are going for a wander around Nottingham.










  1. what a lovely gift you received from your daughters. Cant help you on the identification of birds and duck, but I loved looking at those pictures.

  2. My guess for the big bird of prey: a buzzard. The other bird is much easier and is the commonest bird you will see in Britain. It’s an LBJ (little brown job). Most of the small birds I see on an average day out fall into this category! :-)

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