Look what they are doing to the Common

158bLarge parts of Yateley Common are completely covered with a carpet of sawdust.


I am not sure what the countryside rangers are doing but acres of trees have been felled. Now it is obviously for some sort of conservation management purposes but it does seem extremely harsh.

I thought trees were the lungs of the world. Now I know Yateley Common is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (apparently this type of heathland is rarer than rainforest) and that a management programme is in place and I believed this involved removing young trees if they began to encroach on the heathland but these are mature trees.

156bHonestly. it looks like armageddon up there. I hope they leave the logs though. Rotting logs means fungi and insects.

I am sure, as we were putting the papers together last week, I read something about a meeting where the rangers were going to explain what they were doing. I think it is tonight, but do you think I can find any information? No of course I can’t.

And, although it seems a little late for them to justify their existence, it would be nice to know.

185bIt hasn’t deterred the rabbits though, they still seemed quite happy and there were some little signs of spring beginning to show.



210bSadly my walking app failed to tell me how far I had walked. This was largely due to operator error. When it said “Save walk? Yes/No” I should have clicked the Yes button.

Never mind, it wasn’t that far, probably a mile or maybe slightly more.

And I did get this shot as I was returning home. The Common backs on to Blackbushe Airport and the sun was just streaming through the clouds.






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