Spot the birdie

037bNow you can see why I have called this post Spot the birdie.

I know there is a redpoll in this picture. Your challenge is to find it.

I went for a lovely walk along the Basingstoke Canal yesterday morning from Odiham to the ruins of King John’s Castle and back again. My walking app worked properly and told me I had walked 3.68 miles.

I actually spotted about a dozen wrens, none of which were on my side of the canal bank and few of which would sit still long enough to let me get a decent shot.

I also spotted three little things with red blotches on their heads. Referring to my bird books I am going to say that they are redpolls. Not only have I never seen these birds before, I have also never heard of them. And that just shows what you can learn when you start paying attention :)

041bSadly these were also on the opposite side of the bank and my lens only goes up to 300mm.

It is there, honestly, look closer.

My wren photographs are marginally clearer.

084bBut still not brilliant.

067bIt’s no good, I want a bigger lens, or an extender …

And camouflage gear … and a portable hide … and a couple more camera kits so I don’t have to keep stopping to change lenses … and to win the lottery so I can afford these things, quit my job and spend all day sitting in the middle of nowhere taking photographs.

Yes, yes, I know I’m delusional :)






  1. Oh but a happy delusional ……and I would join you if I could :-)

  2. Maya said:

    Don’t forget your Sherpa!

  3. Aren’t we all – delusional or dreamers?… loved the wren and spotted the birdie!!!!

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