Photo disasters

006bRecently,  I decided to visit  Fleet Pond for a walk with my camera. I arrived, started wandering along the footpath, raised my camera to take a shot and realised there was no memory card in there, so I went home (yep, I’m one of those people who doesn’t want to walk without a camera).

Yesterday I decided to try again. it’s just down the road from me, it’s a nature reserve I’ve not visited before and I did actually want some exercise as well.

So I start wandering, initially in completely the opposite direction to the pond – signposts are needed here people.

Having spotted a green woodpecker, I am darting about taking shot after shot as he flies around, before I realise I have left my camera on the settings they were on when I was shooting the moon the other day and all my photos are black.

Well mostly black anyway, so this is about the only salvageable photo of my green woodpecker yesterday morning and I was getting the feeling that decent photographic trips to Fleet Pond were not going to be happening for me.

072bBut things did begin to brighten up and I began to learn stuff too.

Blackbirds have whiskers … can you see them?

Wrens are fast little buggers and have a load mouth for such a little bird (failed miserably to snap one of these).

There is actually a car park at Fleet Pond, it’s just that on both occasions I have visited there, I failed to find it.

049bI found this lovely song thrush, who let me take some photos though :)

And then there were the obligatory ducks, swans, Canada geese, coots, terns and moorhens.

095bNow you know how I suffer from lens envy and am intimidated by photographers with long lenses (particularly if they are dressed in camouflage)?

Well yesterday I stopped in my tracks because there was a long-lens guy approaching from the right, tracking something on the floor and I a) didn’t want to get in his way and b) didn’t want to frighten off whatever it was that he was tracking. It turned out to be a wren.

Rather than running away in shame at my small lens, I decided to speak to him. Turns out he is using an extender on his camera that is a much cheaper option than a huge lens and he gave me a few tips about what to look for an also about the type of birds you can find at Fleet Pond and where abouts they are.

Very friendly man.

I also read all the information boards around the lake. The countryside in general (at least the bits I have visited) seems to be undergoing a lot of maintenance at the moment: Attenborough Nature Reserve and Clumber Park last weekend, Yateley Common and Fleet Pond this weekend.

It’s obviously the right time of year but there is a huge amount going on and I would like to find out a bit more about wildlife and habitat conservation cos, to me, it just looks like loads of stuff is being chopped down.

The boards at Fleet Pond were quite informative though.

108bAm starting to find more fungi now too. This one is trametes versicolor also know as turkey tail (guess who’s got herself a little guide to mushrooms and toadstools of Britain and Europe lol).

I quite like it.

All in all my visit to Fleet Pond wasn’t a complete disaster – although it is a shame about the woodpecker shots and my complete inability to capture a wren.

It is somewhere I can see myself visiting time and time again and I did learn something.

Also, the GPS on my walking app worked all the way around and told me it had been a three-mile stroll. Very pleasant.






    • There is a lot of pruning but great areas of mature trees are being felled. I know rangers are trying to restore areas of heathland but it does look quite harsh. I am sure there are very good reasons and I’m curious to find out what they area.

    • Oh and I love the blackbird shot….his beak is so bright :-)

      • Thanks very much … I love their bright eyes :)

  1. Wrens are amazing aren’t they. How does such a small bird sing so loudly?

    • Incredible. I have no idea how something that tiny creates that much noise. Caught one today – on camera of course :)

  2. Dory, not only you can forget things – I went out the other day in a diff. part of India to photograph Mysore Palace, only to find out, Nikon not working. Why? Left battery!! charging in hotel – silly me. So, no pics this time since time was very very limited. Your photos are beautiful, I envy you for catching these little fellows.

    • Oh I’m so glad it’s not just me :) thank you so much. I love your blog by the way :)

  3. Silly little things happen to all of us – I went out the other day (in a diff. part of India) to shoot a few frames of Mysore Palace for my latest Blog entry only to find out, Nikon not working. Why? Left battery charging back in hotel and no time to go back. So, no photos this time. I love your bird pics – lucky you.

  4. A three mile walk is great.. you have inspired me to get out there. Take along some trail mix of nuts and rasins etc for your energy, an orange etc)I think I see something like whishers on the blackbird…but they are tiny! Good to know the Canada geese are making an appearance….I heard a few of them go over head but not too many here yet. Wish I had some camera skills…maybe I will attempt to gain some this spring on my walks…(first get a simple camera!)

    • I am actually really enjoying making time to get out and get some exercise and fresh air. Great idea about the lightweight snacks, especially as I plan to build up the distance I am walking gradually. I look forward to seeing photos of your part of the world one day :)

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