Bye bye winter, hello spring

095bYay it’s spring. At least I think it is.

I’m not sure when the first day of spring is but as far as I am concerned, winter is December, January and February, spring is March, April and May, summer is June, July and August and autumn is September, October and November. It is now March and therefore it is spring – Yay.

Things will start coming back to life again – including me lol, and the days start getting more noticeably longer. There might be daylight outside working hours if we’re lucky :).

I have loved winter though, even the dead things like these thistles I found on the common.

099bI’m quite fond of teasels too.

And also I have discovered a new love of photographing our native birds.

058bI would not have been able to capture this woodpecker if there were leaves on the trees.

And I liked the snow too. Mainly because it didn’t actually interrupt my life in any inconvenient way.

I think my favourite photo of the season is probably this one.

139 (1)It was taken at Twycross Zoo on  a very snowy day when there were drifts everywhere and Man and I and about six other people visiting. It was lovely.

Hopefully spring will bring lots of travels with my camera and photos of more birds and animals, plants and flowers, landscapes, sunrises and fungi :). And, of course, resuming my efforts to track down churches and castles. Can’t wait.

So bye bye winter, it’s been fun … hello spring :)





  1. Love the winter photos and especially the one at the zoo! The teasel makes me think of Mrs. Tiggywinkle In Beatix Potter.

  2. as always, love your photos, especially the winter thistle! And like you, when in Europe, I too enjoy winter, spring, summer (?) depends where we are., lol

    • Thank you :) I love the changing seasons, each one has its highlights … I am looking forward to the colours of spring now

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