Just walking in the rain

Wildlife :)

Gorgeous daughters numbers two and one.

One of the things that has been really difficult over the last four weeks has been not being allowed to drive and I’m so glad to be back behind the wheel again.

But during my enforced period of non-driving, gorgeous daughters one and two were among the people who carted me about when I needed a lift (payback for all the running around I did in their pre-driving days I suppose lol).

One Sunday when Man wasn’t down for the weekend, GD2 (that’s the one on the left of the photo) thought a walk in the rain would do us all good so we headed to the local lakes.

We started off walking on reasonable footpaths around the edge of the lake before John suggested heading off across a field and up a hill.

To say it was muddy was the understatement of the year. Anyone who saw us must have thought we were completely insane.

Or anything.

086bWe were even getting funny looks from the wildlife.

But then he got a little freaked by us and ran away across the field.

091bSwiftly followed by Mrs Deer.

095bThey were very cute and they certainly brightened up a very grey and miserable February afternoon.

  1. I once stumbled upon a Roe buck in open woodland. He stood his ground, posing magnificently in the perfect light with a wonderful background before slowly walking away, pausing every now and again to strike another photogenic pose. Of course I didn’t have a camera with me! In the last eight years I almost always have my camera with me on my walks and the best I’ve seen is the occasional flash of white rump as the deer sprint off through dense brush with no chance of a photograph. I am so jealous. Lovely shots Dory.

    • Thanks James … we just saw this flash of white to start with and then there they were looking at the crazy people in the mud. It’s a shame the light was so bad but it did make my afternoon :)

  2. Well done for walking in the rain, and what lovely shots of the deer :-)

    • Thanks … it was a little wet and soggy, but not too cold, so it was lots of fun stomping around in our wellies :)

  3. I admire the group effort to get out and walk, muddy fields and all! You have great kids. The deer sightings are very nice.

    • Thanks :) I think I have great kids too and the family walk was a lot of fun

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