More from Clumber Park

029bWhen I have been wandering around various places (usually the common)  with my camera I have been taking pictures of things that shouldn’t be there. It started with a Christmas bow on a gorse bush.

So I’ve been collecting a few pictures together, which I’ve currently got stuck in a folder I have called Out of Place … more on that some other time.

Anyway, at Clumber Park on Sunday we found this. The pamphlet says it is a sculpture and it’s meant to be a leopard. No. This is a chaise longue in a tree. I quite like it, but it isn’t a leopard, it is definitely a piece of furniture in a tree.

039bI also liked the tiles on the benches in the formal gardens near the lake.

025bAnd this little fat chaffinch in a bush behind the chapel. He was just angrily sitting there in the sunshine.

049bI love the fast shutter speed on my camera because I like the action shots of the birds. It’s just a bit of a shame I can’t get them in the frame lol … the little buggers move too quickly. This could have been a really good shot, sadly it isn’t but I still quite like it.

056bI got them when they landed though :).

There were seeds put out at various spots in the park, including on these stone gate posts at one entrance to the woods and in the bushes behind the chapel and  loads of different small birds were bouncing back and forth. They didn’t seem to mind grown ups, but they disappeared pretty quickly anytime a small child or a dog appeared (which was quite often). I could have sat there for ages and taken hundreds of pictures on the off chance of getting a couple of good ones … but that doesn’t tick the exercise box.

059bI stayed long enough to get this slightly out of focus photo of a willow tit though (the stone post is in focus though lol).

086bAnd later we found this guy, which I am going to say without any authority at all is a carrion crow. I like the texture of his feathers… and the ‘don’t mess with me’ look on his face.

Had a better second day at work yesterday. It went smoothly and we were out of there by 6.45pm :) That’s a good day.

Hopefully, today will go just as well.

  1. karen howarth said:

    Love the leopard lol and fantastic shot of birds OK n flight

  2. Oh I’ve been playing with the fast shutter speed on my camera for bird shots too….I’m still getting the hang of it :-) these are lovely shots, and I have to agree its a chair not a leopard!!

    • Thanks :) I think I need more practice lol

      • Well you are far ahead of me…I’m definitely still practising. But having lots of fun along the learning curve :-)

  3. lucywilliamspoetry said:

    I saw that thing in the tree and it defiantly isn’t a leopard lol

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so lol :)

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