It’s a balancing act

A balancing act.

A balancing act.

Look at this little chap. How does he stay up there? It’s quite a balancing act he’s got going on.

We found him (and many others) at Attenborough Nature Reserve on Saturday and I was fascinated by how he stayed up. Ok on the right he is clearly standing on a joint where the bramble branch meets the main stalk so it would have a bit of strength, but he isn’t on the left side of the photo, that branch is pretty flimsy.

He was quite happy though, munching away, and he wasn’t remotely bothered by me.

Had my first day back at work yesterday. Now this is going to be a bit of a balancing act.

I arrived about 7.45am because I knew my security card would have been blocked because I haven’t been in the office for a while and I would have to wait for someone to let me in.

By 6pm I was knackered and I finally left about 6.40pm.

I think it’s going to take a little working back into.

On top of all the usual pressures of deadlines, which are busy enough and take up more hours than we have (and many more hours than we are paid for) I also have some testing on the new computer systems to do and they need to be done by Friday. There are five of us within  our part of the company who are able to do this testing and one of them is completely ignoring the call to arms. Of the four of us left, only myself and my deputy have the production knowledge to be able to test one half of the system. So I guess it’s down to us then.

This job is never going to become any less stressful … so I definitely need to find a way out. I need to formulate a plan. Other than that it was nice to see my colleagues – and also nice that they seemed pleased to see me. I stopped at the shop and bought a bunch of bananas, which I had mid morning and mid afternoon, and some soup for lunch so I could make sure I was still eating healthily.

Now, on a completely different note … does anyone know what this is please?

What is this?

What is this?

Here it is from a slightly different angle.


Looking in my bird bible Collins Bird Guide, which claims to be “the most complete guide to the birds of Britain and Europe”, I would say it looks most like the picture of a serin.

However, reading the words and not just looking at the pictures, my book informs me that serins are “rare on passage in Britain (mostly May, Sept-Oct), a few breeding (irregularly) in the south”. So as it’s rare, and it’s not May, September or October, it would seem highly unlikely my identification is correct.

Does anyone know?

Answers on a postcard to Dory’s World, PO Box … actually, just leave a comment :)

I have an appointment with my GP this morning, which is why I am sitting at home blogging at 7.20am and not at work, and then it’s deadline day at work (again). There’s no rest for the wicked :)




    • Ooh James I think you may be spot on … not only does it look like the picture in the book, the words also indicate it’s common in the sort of habitat we were in and the map says it’s widely available across the country. My first yellowhammer :). Many thanks

      • They’re not as common as they once were. On my long walk last year I listened to the bird song all the time as I travelled and I walked from Land’s End all the way to the north of England before I heard my first Yellowhammer; something I commented on at the time as being so sad.

        When I was a lad, we called them “Scribblers” because they have eggs with wavy lines on them that look just like, well scribbles. An apt name for a journalist like you perhaps. :-)

        They also have a song that is supposed to sound like “little bit of bread with no cheese” but often has one less “syllable” in it.

      • That is sad, I’m very glad I got to capture one for posterity. I like your nickname for them too and I shall listen out to see if I can hear them call. I am finding I am now noticing the different birdsong much more.

  1. Good idea to have the fruit etc handy for snacks….nuts, veggies, fruit… i took a small thermos of homemade oatmeal porridge sometimes…I also had a cooler lunch bag for my supplies…and if you can…just walk out the door at closing time like everybody else.

    • I am going to try very hard to just that :) … and I think the porridge is a fab idea.

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