Time stands still at Clumber Park

The Chapel at Clumber Park.

The Chapel at Clumber Park.

Man and I went to Clumber Park on Sunday for a stroll. This is a picture of the chapel.

The estate was owned by the Dukes of Newcastle but they appear to have been a bit of an unfortunate fire risk. The house burnt down twice and even the naval frigate they used as a summer house on the lake caught fire and sank.

The house is no longer there, just some foundations, but you have hundreds and hundreds of acres of field, woodland, formal garden, lake, wetland etc all owned by the National Trust.

Man and I used our Walk4Life app to see how far we were going as we strolled around the lake. Once again, it had us going off at tangents a little, but the walk was about four miles.

A nuthatch.

A nuthatch.

I found a nuthatch, my very first one … I was quite pleased with him :) In fact there was a whole host of woodland birds at little feeding stations around the formal gardens. I was very happy.

The stroll around the lake was lovely and we went through some woods looking (mainly unsuccessfully) for fungi. It is certainly somewhere I would like to go back to. The changing seasons would provide different photographic opportunities for us and there is so much more of it to explore – it’s huge.

As we came around the opposite side of the lake from  where we started Man saw the clock on one of the buildings. It said 1.55pm.

“How long have we been walking,” he asked. I wasn’t sure.

“You took a picture of the clock just as we were starting out,” he said. He was right, I had done. So I checked. It wasn’t very useful.

Time stands still at Clumber Park.

Time stands still at Clumber Park.

It would appear the clock doesn’t work.

One of the things with this Walk4Life app is it times you on your walk and tells you how fast you go. Currently Man and I are registering about 1.5 miles an hour because we keep stopping to take photographs :) so it isn’t really a true reflection of our walking speed.

But one thing you can do is pick up a recognised route from the app of exactly one mile and walk it and time yourself. Then do it again a few months later to see how your fitness levels are improving. I might do that at the weekend.

But for now, it’s Tuesday and it is my first day back in the office for about a month. To say I am not looking forward to it is the understatement of the year but I suppose I’d better get one with it.



  1. lucywilliamspoetry said:

    I love going to Clumber park, it is very beautiful

    • It certainly is and it will be somewhere we go back to at different times during the year I think :)

  2. Hope your day went well and that you went straight home, kettle on and listened to pleasant soothing music…and daughters had a casserole of healthy goodness in the oven.
    Enjoyed your post about Clumber Park…all these places I know I will never get a chance to visit personally ….so it is very special to be “taken along” in a sense for the experience.

    • Thank you :) That’s what I love about other people’s blogs too … the chance to take a look at things and places I might never be able to experience in person. I’m so glad you enjoyed it :)

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