Watch the birdie … or let’s get tracking :)

152bI never thought I’d say this but I’m getting a little bored of taking pictures of robins. It’s not that they aren’t gorgeous and very cute because they are, it’s just I now have loads of them. Those little cheeky chappies are just such posers and they dart around while we are out walking, tweeting loudly and crying out to have their photos taken.

So now I have loads.

But, knowing me I will probably keep clicking away.  I am quite snap happy :)

I’ve bought myself a couple of bird books and I am collecting birds now. I am trying to photograph as many different birds in the wild as I can and check them off in my book and see how many I can get. I’ve ticked the box for robin now. I’m even considering joining the RSPB.

My lovely daughters think I’m sad, what with the birds and also the fungi. I came out with the statement “I love fungi” at home the other day. Apparently this is bad and wrong and not something that should be said out loud (… the world according to gorgeous daughter number 1). Pah! is all I can say to that :)

The other thing I have discovered is a little app for my phone called Walk4Life. It has a website too. It is (obviously) a walking app. When you head off on a walk you open the app and press start and it tracks you on your walk. It’s great if you want to know how far you are walking and what your route is. At the end of the walk, you can save it to do again at some point if you wish, or just for info. You can publish your walk to the website and share it with other people and even add photos to it. Or you can just keep it for reference for yourself.

It tracks your progress and logs all your activity. So if, like me, you are trying to build up your exercise and keep tabs on what you are doing, it is perfect.

It does have a flaw though. It’s only as good as your GPS signal. And mine appears to be crap. Now Man has it on his phone too so on Saturday we headed off to Attenborough Nature Reserve to take some photos and, we thought, find out the distance of a regular route that we stroll round.

We actually ended up on a little detour we’d never tried before. Man’s phone had us walking on water through the middle of a lake  and cut off a mile or so midway through our walk. Mine missed off a complete lake at the end. Between us we managed to work out that we’d walked about four miles.

Attenborough is one of my favourite places at any time of year but in the winter you get more of a chance to see the woodland birds because there are no leaves on the trees. On Saturday we got some reasonable shots of a heron or two, found a gravel extraction site and the water levels had dropped so the rats were back underneath the bird feeder in the kingfisher hide.

It was a lovely walk.

The first signs of spring are showing and I am looking forward to the buds and blossom, the fungi and insects and of course the chicks :)

  1. The duck looks intent on his walk…reminds me somehow of an old parson off to church to give an urgent sermon… his flock.

    • Lol. Yes he does look like that doesn’t he. He’s certainly very intent on something :)

  2. I think that your “Wren” was probably a Dunnock Dory. The Tree Sparrow was nice to see. When we first moved to Nottinghamshire over twenty five years ago we would have a flock of a couple of dozen of them visit our garden every winter but we never see them any more and nationally they are becoming much rarer.

    • Thanks James … I was hoping you would know :)

      • think all the sparrow have moved to my garden especially early morning they fill up the elderberry tree near my bedroom window

      • Haha … they are noisy little buggers when they get going too :)

  3. Maya said:

    It’s so nice to see birds from “across the pond” as they are ALL new to me!

    • It’s a newly-discovered interest for me, so I am really just learning :)

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