Heading home

009bIt snowed overnight on Sunday/Monday in Nottingham. Not as much as there was in the north of the county but certainly enough to put another covering on the roads and pavements.

I would have stayed and worked from home for a couple of days if it hadn’t had been for the dental appointment I have booked for this morning and the raging toothache I have put up with for two weeks.

As it turned out though, England seems to have been a lot more prepared for the snow this year than for the last few years.

The roads – certainly everything other than the estate and minor roads – were almost completely clear. Gritting lorries and snow ploughs have been out in force and, from what I have experienced in Hampshire, Surrey, Nottinghamshire and the bits en route, the world has kept moving.

So I opted for driving home during daylight, left Man’s just before 1pm and arrived home at 3pm. Pretty damn good, the traffic was really, really light :)

Actually, I didn’t arrive home … I decided to arrive at a church in the next village because the light suddenly brightened from the constant one-tone grey that we have had for the last few days so I thought I would take advantage of it.



This is St Mary’s Church at Eversley, I think it looks lovely in the snow. I like the simplicity of the War Memorial and the cross.

This church is not one of the ones on my Churches Conservation Trust list. It is still in constant use. But it does have a literary history. It was here that the author Charles Kingsley preached for many years and where he wrote The Water Babies (which I have never read – maybe I ought to add it to my list).

If you wander behind the church and down a tiny footpath, you cross a little stream and very quickly reach open fields.



Finally the cloud cover breaks after days and days of grey I’d quite like to live in that nice house on the bottom right hand side of the picture. I bet I’d get lots of birds in the garden then.

027bIt looked quite dramatic and eerie.

Got home to find Pud and John had made good use of the grit bin at the end of the road and gritted the steep concrete steps to our house and up the garden to the gate at the back. Good job people. The rest of the house looked like a pigsty … but I suppose I can’t have everything :)



  1. Lovely to see the snow… from the middle of a hot dry summer!
    The church at Eversley has a huge sarsen stone like the ones at Stonehenge, buried in the middle of the aisle just before the altar steps, from memory… you can reach down into the hole, and touch it – cold and clammy… the church must have been built over the site of an ancient worshipping site, long before the Victorians did…
    I remember a beautiful little Georgian manor house next door too….

  2. We have a lovely church called St Mary’s in our town. Love your photographs especially the blue skies. Haven’t seen blue sky here for quite a while! :)

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