Changing the habits of a lifetime

I haven’t been around for a little while because I’ve been trying to break some habits and make some new ones.

And I am very pleased to say this is the result.

photoThis is the app on my phone that shows the amount of time since I stopped smoking and the amount of money it estimates I have saved since I stopped smoking.

I didn’t want anyone to know for the first few days because I knew the ‘how are you doing?’, ‘have you had one yet?’, ‘just think of all that money you’re saving’ would annoy me to the point that I would go and buy a packet of cigarettes out of pure spite.

I’m cantankerous like that.

Man has also stopped. In fact he stopped a couple of days before I did.

And now I’ve had a small brag, I’m not going to discuss it anymore :) (and I do not think I would enjoy giving regular updates on my non-smoking to well-meaning family members either so don’t bother asking).

So currently I am up at Man’s after a hideous journey up the M1 in the snow with a lot of idiots on the road on Friday.

The world is white and there is more expected over the next 24 hours. I must drive home tomorrow and I have a dentist appointment first thing Tuesday morning to fix a very painful tooth so it will be worth making the trek through the snow just to get my tooth fixed.

Thankfully I have found an NHS dentist under whom the five fillings and a crown that I need will only cost £209. I shudder to think how much that little lot would have cost if I had to pay private dental fees.

I also have a date for the operation to fix my umbilical hernia. I have to op on Saturday February 2. I am glad because it is very painful quite often now so it will be good to get that fixed. Then I can start on the fitness campaign.

Man and I went to Attenborough Nature Reserve in the snow yesterday for a walk. It was lovely and a lot quieter than when we visited on New Year’s Day :) when it was packed with fair-weather, new year’s resolutioners :)

It looks completely different covered in snow and a lot of the foliage was flat with the weight of the snow so you had lots of different views.

I was quite pleased with some of my small bird pictures. Man bought a bird feeder for his garden and a bird identification book and I bought a fungi identification book.

I then nicked Man’s book to identify the two types of tit, the dunnock and the reed bunting I had photographed (I recognised the robin).

Sadly I have some work to do today but then I want to get out with my camera again cos this snow makes fun photos.



  1. Best of luck with your challenge and hope lots of money piles up. (Watched old movie Cold Turkey last night….Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart…old school humour, some wisdom about quitting smoking …for different reasons)

  2. Gorgeous pics,Dory… lovely birds… so admire you giving up the fags… I never started and I’ve always been glad, because I don’t think I’d have had the will power to give it up..
    Good luck at the dentist, and keep warm

  3. Bravo on kicking the butts in the butt. It’s one of the hardest things to do (I know this from experience!)
    It’s so nice to see birds from across the pond :)

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