A nightingale sang in Yateley Common

022b 042b 073b 112bThese are the leftovers from my little forage on the Common the other day.

The first, because it is difficult to tell, is the dew on the centre of a large thistle.

I’ve had a reply from the countryside ranger about the broken trees. It’s all for the benefit of nightingales apparently, rather than woodland management.

Here is what they said: “If you are referring to trees near the airport area of the Common, these have been cut as part of a management scheme for the benefit of nightingales. These birds nest low to the ground in thick scrub but also need secluded bare ground area that for foraging that are protected by thick low level brush which gives protection from predators.

“The British Ornithology website explains more.”

SO it is off to the British Ornithology website, which sounds as though it is the sort of website I should enjoy, to see what else I can discover.

And there was me thinking they were just trying to get rid of the trees :)


  1. How really interesting Dory. So good to know that they’re actively encouraging nightingales to thrive…

  2. Thanks for the update – I hope you capture a glimpse of a nightingale at some point :)

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