What a fun day that was!

Well, I had a fun day yesterday.

I worked in the morning and then had a hospital appointment in the afternoon.

I had to have a gastroscopy – a camera pushed down my throat to look inside. I opted not to have sedation but just to have a throat spray that numbs your throat.

Now I’m probably being a touch over dramatic but it was hideous! And if I ever have to have it done again I am definitely being sedated.

So it turns out I have a hiatus hernia to go with my umbilical hernia and gastritis.

Gastritis can be caused by a variety of things: excessive alcohol (I have about four alcoholic drinks a year), cocaine abuse (nope, never done that), excessive use of aspirin or ibuprofen (rarely take them, prefer just to go bed), immune deficiency conditions like HIV or AIDS ( when I bled into the surgeon’s eye during an operation last year he had me tested so I know I don’t have that) or stress.

Hello, there we go, there’s a possible cause. So, how do I get rid of the stress in my life? I drop kick this work thing into touch and do something different. Sadly not possible yet because I need the money but I need to find a way of working for myself.

Anyway, it could have been a lot worse (apart from the actual gastroscopy procss which was hideous). All of these things are treatable and at least I know what it is now,

Do know something else that I’ve found hideous this week? The Life of Pi. Have you read it?

I hadn’t and I felt I ought to (and I still haven’t finished it) but the description of the hyena eating the zebra and the orang utan is horrific. I nearly put the book down. But I am going to persevere to the end because I feel I ought to.

So because of all this activity I have had no chance to take more photos so I thought I’d show you some of the man-made stuff I found on the Common on Monday.

I think I’ve mentioned before that you can feel the archaeology of the area under your feet in places.

In the early 1940s this was the Hartfordbridge Flats airforce base. Over the Second World War it housed squadrons from England, Canada, the USA, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

At it’s peak 3,000 personnel were on the base. General Eisenhower visited before D-Day, as did Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Prince Bernhard.

This was a bustling airfield for many years, now it still has an airfield but it’s mainly for hobbyists.

Anyway, you can still see some of the archaeology left by the camp, as well as random crap that people leave behind like the pellet tin.

And now, I have to head off to the stress pit again :)

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  1. I like the archeological aspect of abandoned places. Being a former service member, I’m envious of your exploration.
    So sorry to hear of your procedure. I’ve not only had a couple but am scheduled for one next week. I can’t IMAGINE not being fully sedated – you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon and get out to the things you prefer…soon.

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