Why are the trees broken?

039bContinuing with my exploration of Yateley Common on Monday, I came across a little mystery as I strolled around.

Someone’s broken many of the trees.

There were loads that had been deliberately snapped about three or four feet up from the base.

034bScores and scores of them were snapped in this way and I have no idea why.

I went on to the website for the Common and found a section called Ask a Ranger so I emailed them to ask them. I haven’t had a response yet.

I presume it’s some sort of management system but as the trees are just snapped over and not dead, surely they will continue to grow in this way? I will have to wait and see what they say.

Yateley Common is an important area of heathland and is protected under UK and EU law. Apparently heathland like this is rarer than rainforest and it houses many protected  species of insects, birds and animals.

On the website it features a picture of one of those red and white fairy toadstools that I have been so desperate to take a picture of. If I keep wandering, I might find one.

It is also an ideal habitat for adders. I would be very cool to photograph and adder.

The only wildlife I managed to photograph on Monday was a robin taunting me from the top of a tree.

But I did get some fungi (although not a red and white fairy toadstool).



  1. Heathland will naturally revert to woodland if nothing is done to prevent it (grazing, fire, killing young trees) so my money is on management activity. I hope you let us know when you find out.

    I have seen Fly Agaric growing under mature birch trees more than anywhere else so you might want to check them out.

    As for photographing adders; good luck, they are very shy.

    • Yes I’m not holding out too much hope with the adders, just wishful thinking :) I’m pretty sure it is some sort of management activity but I’m interested to know why they have been snapped and left there. I’ll let you know when the rangers get back to me :)

  2. I hope the trees haven’t been vandalized. Unless the trees can sprout leaves it will be difficult for them to flourish and grow. We have had many school garden trees vandalized this way by deliquents so that is my first reaction to your discovery.

    • I think it must be a commons management thing, I’ve seen vandalised trees on streets but these were a bit remote I think

    • Thank you, I’m becoming more and more interested in it

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