Finding colour on a grey day

I did manage to get out for a walk yesterday morning.

I went across the Common to the nearby airfield and then explored a bit more.

Then I crossed the road and walked across behind a scrapyard.

Then I got lost. You wouldn’t think it was possible to get lost so close to home, but it is.

I lost the path completely and ended up clambering through the undergrowth. I got stuck in the brambles several times and then finally slipped down a slope and fell over.

II now have a lovely bruise at the base of my thumb and it is quite swollen and sore. But it moves ok so I don’t think I’ve done enough damage to keep me off work (sadly) even if it is my right hand.

It was only later that I realised quite how mismatched I must have looked as I was walking around. Among the Christmas presents from gorgeous daughter number 2 was a pair of very funky pink, flowery wellie boots which I’d teamed up with some beige leg warmers to keep my khaki-coloured trousers tucked in.

Among the Christmas presents from Man was a pair of very funky fingerless gloves in oranges and reds with flip over mittens. They’re great, they’re lined and warm and I can flip the lid off and still operate the camera. They clash, however, with pink flowery wellies … and the blue and white striped sweatshirt I also had on.

Oh well, I never was very fashion conscious.

Anyway, nursing a sore hand and scratched legs from the brambles I got tangled up in, I eventually found my way to a main road about half a mile away from where I thought I’d be, which wasn’t too bad :)

I found lots of fungi and lots of interesting shapes and, because it was such a grey day, and I was wearing such an odd combination of colours, I set myself a little challenge of trying to find some natural colour.

These are the results – reds, yellows, greens … there was quite a lot of colour to my grey day when I actually looked for it :)

(Incidentally, I am still loving this gallery style)

  1. Good for you getting out to walk…be sure to leave note about the direction you are headed in case you turn an ankle etc…love the outfit description….sounds perfect ! Your photos turned out very well. You have got me thinking about the winter colours here and appreciate them more.

    • Thank you :) My outfit was ummm interesting I think lol. Next time I’ll take a compass :)

  2. These are just beautiful. The world is wonderful when you get up close :-) I’m quite fascinated with litchens, we get some wonderful ones up in Plockton.

    • Thank you, I love the shapes and colours of litchens, they’re amazing :)

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