Daily Prompt: Teacher’s Pet – Eye, eye Mr Perry

I don’t often take part in the daily prompt but I always look at them. This one, however, struck a chord.

Just short of 40 years on and I can still remember the stories Mr Perry used to tell.

He was old, well I was nine, so anything over 35 seemed ancient but he was a lot older than my mum and dad and looked nearly as old as my granddad, so I’m guessing he was in his late 50s or early 60s at the time.

He was the most wonderful story teller and he’d lived in places that sounded exotic to a nine year old.

I remember him telling us about living in Canada and the snowfall being so heavy, they’d had to dig the front door out.

He’d also work in Africa and he tell stories about young boys greasing their legs and sticking them in a hole to attract snakes.

Apparently boa constrictors would open their jaws and try and swallow their legs. When the snake got to their thigh, the boy would slit its throat and pull the dead snakeskin off his leg. You know, even after 38 years of remembering that story, I still have no idea whether it is true or not.

Mr Perry made my brain pop, I wanted to see these places he described, meet little African boys who stuck their legs in snake holes and I wanted to play in snow deeper than me.

What he gave me was a curiosity about the world around me, a love of a good story (true or not) and a desire to travel. And I’ve never lost any of those things.

So thank you Mr Perry, you were the most inspiring teacher I ever had and I never thanked you, I just moved up a class.

But do you know the very best thing about Mr Perry?

If the whole class was very good all week – and it had to be the WHOLE class and ALL week – Mr Perry would take out his glass eye and pass it round the class to anyone who wanted to see it.

How can you not be inspired by a man like that?

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  1. Nothing beats a good story, told by true storyteller, as a tool for learning.

  2. My hope is that my students think well of me from time to time now that I’ve retired…but Mr. Perry sounds like one of a kind! I bet he knew he was making a wonderful impact! He would be a tough act to follow!

    • I am sure they do :) I hope Mr Perry did know. I never again had a teacher quite like him

  3. seeker said:

    Anyone who can tell a good story, I will listen. Mr. Perry must have been a great story teller. Lucky you.

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