Making use of my iPhone

I’ve found a new iPhone app to make use of this year. It’s called Foap (I’ve got no idea how to pronounce that properly) and I believe it is a Swedish company.

Well I say I found it, it was actually recommended on BBC Click – a new tech programme that Man and I like to watch.

Anyway, the aim of it is to share and sell pictures. You take a picture on your iPhone, upload it to the site and tag it. The Foap community votes on whether it is ok to put up for sale and then the site tries to sell it for $10. If it succeeds, you get half.

So I thought ‘why not’. I always have my iPhone with me, I’ll snap a few pictures everywhere I go and upload them and see what happens. It only takes a minute or so and, who knows, I might make some of that very elusive stuff called cash that seems to want to avoid me at all costs :)

I plan to try to have at least one photo a day accepted and then I might make a teeny bit of money out of it. But if I don’t I am learning to use some of the many free photo apps I have on my phone.

So here are a couple of shots I took on New Year’s Day with the iPhone, mostly unedited but a couple are touched up on the phone itself with apps like Photoshop Express or Filterstorm.

I quite like some of them. (I am also liking this new gallery setting)

It will be interesting to see how the site develops and also to explore the creativity of some of the numerous photo apps I have on my phone.


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