Everybody’s out for a walk

010bI don’t know what people do in other parts of the world, but in England on New Year’s Day people go for a walk.

It’s traditional. You need some air and some exercise after the festive season and to blow the cobwebs away. It’s also one of the new year’s resolutions for many people and, even if they don’t do any exercise at all for the rest of the year, New Year’s Day is ‘let’s go for a walk day’.

027bMan and I went to Attenborough Nature Reserve, a place we visit reasonably often, and, although these  photographs might not show it, it was absolutely heaving with people.

You even had to wait to find a parking space because it was so full.

048bThe water level was really high. We walked around one of the lakes and along a stretch of the River Trent, I would imagine the level must have been about two or three feet higher than in the summer and at one point the path had disappeared under water.

047bLittle places like this in the middle of the River Trent, looked a little waterlogged.

It was a beautiful afternoon and the light was absolutely lovely. It was also very mild. And the huge numbers of people really didn’t detract from our enjoyment.

We saw a cormorant and several different types of duck and goose, a large family of teals, a grebe or two and a heron as well as tits, robins, magpies and blackbirds.

We also came across a very cheeky and brazen squirrel and a rat who was a lot more scared of us than we were of him.

070bThe little village of Attenborough seemed to have remained reasonably dry, which is just as well really as the environment agency spent millions on flood defences this year. But the church was closed because villagers were uncertain how the flood defences would cope.



I thoroughly enjoyed our walk, it was a nice start to the new year, and we were treated to a spectacular light show as we got back to the car.

077bWe had a dinner of beef, lentils, asparagus and horseradish courtesy of one of Nigel Slater’s recipes (and he reckons it is lucky to eat lentils at the start of the year, I have no idea why).

Then I headed home.

I will not be going to Man’s for a couple of weeks now, which will be tough after spending the last two week’s together.

One day we will live in the same place!







  1. Love these pics really capture the mood of the last few days where it has been quite dark with blue skies obscured desperately trying to break through

    • Thanks Paula, I love that dark, moody light :)

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