It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

002bI returned home from Man’s on Thursday to find the Christmas elves had been.

The gorgeous daughters absolutely love Christmas and had blitzed the house from top to bottom and turned it into Santa’s Grotto.

001bThis is a double self portrait with baubles lol.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the festive season and I am certainly grateful for the tidiness of the house and the fact that they bought the Christmas tree themselves.

However …

You can take things a little far.

020bThe girls left John, gorgeous daughter number one’s boyfriend, in charge while they drove to commandeer a saw from their grandfather. I don’t think John has quite got the hang of paper chains!

021bAll the pictures on the walls of my lounge have been ‘decorated’ … well, they’ve been wrapped with wrapping paper and adorned with tinsel. Apparently they look better that way.

022bAnd even the hoover is now sporting a festive hat.

There are elegantly wrapped presents under the tree already (I thought Father Christmas brought those), adorned with ribbons and bows.

The trouble is, the monster that is Marv the terrible (cat) doesn’t like ribbons and bows and keeps chewing them into pieces. He does this with helium filled balloons on ribbons too, chews straight through the ribbon so the balloon ends up floating on the ceiling.

So I went for the ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ approach and on Friday Pud (gorgeous daughter number 2) and I did a little baking.

photo (5)


Rudolph cupcakes :) We saw the idea on the BBC Good Food website.

Basic chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, white and red icing for eyes and nose and they used pretzels for the antlers. We used chopped up curly wurlys – much more fun :)

Having Christmassed up the house, gorgeous daughter number one and John have now taken themselves off to Lapland for four days for the full snowy, festive experience.

This sadly involved me getting up at 3am to drive them to Gatwick Airport this morning.

If they get to see the Northern Lights I am going to be very jealous :)






  1. John should have said that the paper strips were a “minimalist representation of a Christmas tree. The essence of the tree (both shape and paper) created from gaudy decoration; symbolising the spirit of Christmas hidden within the commercialisation of the modern holiday.” :-)

    He’s a true artist if you ask me. Either that or wrapping paper strips around into intersecting rings was just too fiddly for him.

    • Lol, I am sure he will wish he had thought of your description of his ‘art work’ … to be honest, I’ve seen worse :)

  2. Hi Dory, this is off topic for this post but I’ve just come across a blog you may like. Photos of churches in the Derbyshire / Staffordshire area I thought that some of your list may be posted already (there is an index) and may help with prioritising visits when you are “up north”.

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