Nottingham gets festive

018bI have bitten the bullet and started doing my Christmas shopping. I suppose it had to happen at some point.

But we still took the cameras when we went into Nottingham city centre, because the Christmas market was outside the Council House as usual, and it makes a tedious, horrible task (shopping) much more pleasant.

I love markets of all types but Christmas ones are particularly fun.

026bThere was stuff for him…The names of these beers were hilarious, as were the labels, and perfect for the bah humbug of a Man I shall be spending Christmas with (he likes Christmas really, he just pretends very loudly).


And there was stuff for her … yummmmmm :)



And there was stuff for the kids (and big kids) … more yummmm :)

012bFather Christmas put in an appearance.

009bAnd there was the biggest snow globe I’ve ever seen.

Had I been brave, liked spinning round in circles and enjoyed heights, I would have had a go on this.

024bBut I’m not, so I didn’t :) Bet the views were good from up there.

014bI love the colourful carousels though.

006bAnd the craft stalls. We bought a few bits and pieces and the Christmas market made the shopping experience bearable. At least I didn’t suffer from as much shopping rage as usual (until I braved Primark and had to go home).

But this is Nottingham and so some of the stalls had to have a certain theme.

005bWhere else would you buy your Robin Hood equipment if not in Nottingham?


And quite obviously your 13th/14th century historical/mythological character would have been sustained by food introduced to Britain in the 16th century :)

021bActually we opted for that traditional Christmas fare, chicken and chorizo paella.

020bAnd a styrofoam cup full of mushy peas and mint sauce, eaten with a plastic spoon … when in Rome and all that.

The Christmas market is always colourful and fun … and if I could just have got rid of about 50% of the other fellow shoppers, it would have been perfect.

We went off to visit Man’s mum after that. She granted us a five-minute audience but was too busy to chat because she was about to play bingo. So she sent us away and told us to come back tomorrow. You can do that when you’re 85.











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