Sorry Mansfield, I’m uninspired

048bWe went to Mansfield on Friday morning. We went because we hadn’t been before and just to have a mooch about and see what was interesting about Mansfield … and to take some photos.

We weren’t particularly successful.

Googling it before we went, I discovered Mansfield has had a market for 700 years, of the list of famous people the Bible that is Wikipedia said were from Mansfield, the only ones I’ve ever heard of were Richard Bacon and Rebecca Addlington (no, sorry Mansfield Town Football Club players don’t count … please refer to a dictionary for the definition of the word famous) and that the town was renowned for being the home of the Iron Bru factory (good grief).

It was around in Roman times and had an industrial base – mining, brewing etc – before British politics killed British industry.

Now, it’s a little bit sad.

It has still got a market square, but the market is not exactly what you would call vibrant. There were about a dozen or so stalls there.



But bizarrely I did quite enjoy this hideous example of 1960s architecture.

There are a couple of nice buildings in a busy town centre but a lot of them are pretty obscured by naff shop signs. I liked this one though.

046bAnd I would like to find out why there are two horses heads sticking out of this building.

049bAs we wondered around the town centre with our cameras, we attracted a lot of interested looks from certain elements of the community. The trouble was, I couldn’t quite tell whether they were thinking “That’s a nice camera,” “Why on earth are they taking pictures here?” or “I wonder how much that will fetch at the Pawn Shop?” and that worried me a little.

023bI love the detail in this sculpture though.

057bAnd we found a cute baby goat, which made it all worth while. (Dear Father Christmas, I’d quite like one of these.)

We abandoned our trip to Mansfield after an hour or so and went off in search of churches.

And I will admit, I probably didn’t give Mansfield the chance it deserved … but unless someone comes up with a damn good reason why I should, we probably won’t be going back. I just wasn’t very inspired by it really.






  1. You managed to get the odd, irreverent, obscure, beautiful and sweet elements of the place through your photos!

  2. Well Dory, I can think of a few reasons to visit NEAR Mansfield but as for the town itself, it’s not my favourite place either..

    • I have absolutely no doubt that there are plenty of good things NEAR Mansfield James :)

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