Mistaken for a twitcher

Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Attenborough Nature Reserve.

The sun came out briefly yesterday so Man and I grabbed the cameras and ran.

We didn’t want to go far in case we missed the sunshine so we went to a favourite haunt, Attenborough Nature Reserve.

They have hides there and I wanted to see if I could get photos of the rats that feed underneath the birdfeeders. But the water levels have risen four feet since our last visit so there was no land under the bird feeders for the rats to scavenge on.

Instead we found a show-off cormorant, a curious robin, geese, terns and ducks aplenty, and a windchill factor of about minus 30.

And we were mistaken for birdwatchers by someone who actually asked us to identify a species for him! And we knew (or rather Man did)… it was the cormorant,

There followed a discussion about how perhaps we should wear big badges saying “I am not a birdwatcher, I am a photographer”. For some reason we both seem to think that it’s so much cooler to be a photographer than a twitcher. Although actually, when you look at the facts, we are probably both. And I don’t think either of us have ever been ‘cool’, we’re just happy in our own little world :)

Both the light and the clouds were lovely and we whiled away a pleasant hour or so snapping happily.

But it was damn cold, I need to sort out some proper warm clothing. How do you take photographs with gloves on though?

We adjourned to Highfields in Nottingham for coffee and afterwards found a very cute young lad who stood quite happily with a slice of bread on his head trying to attract the terns so I could take photos of them, which I then edited heavily in Photoshop.

I quite like them … and I am very grateful to my little friend for his assistance :)


  1. About taking photographs with gloves on …

    If you are like me your spouse / partner buys you a pair of high-tech, ultra-thin gloves for Christmas that are ideal for photography but cost a small fortune. Then you lose them on your very first outing and spend the next five winters with freezing fingers because your spouse / partner says “I’ll never get you a present like that again” and you are too frightened to get yourself any because you just know the resulting caustic comments will be too hard to handle!

    Alternatively, you can wear normal gloves and every photo takes five times as long! With bulky gloves of course, you do have the added excitement of knowing that you are bound to come across the shot of a lifetime which you will miss because you can’t get the things off quickly enough.

    • Oh dear :) That does actually sound exactly like something I would do … maybe enough time has gone by for you to request more gloves this year?? :)

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