Right on my doorstep

062bThere are some woods opposite my house and I didn’t even know they were there.

Not half a mile away, but immediately behind the houses directly opposite mine.

I found them at the weekend.

From the little copse of woods you can walk up on to Yateley Common Country Park.

054bThis is a protected area of heathland. In the last 250 years the UK has lost 90% of its heathland but I am lucky enough to have acres of it right on my doorstep.

I knew it was there, and I have visited often, I just had no idea I could access it with just a few steps from my front door.

041bI was looking for some signs of early winter and the weekend and found several.

022bI also found a very disconcerted Irish Setter, who appeared to be completely bemused by me … and, just as I was heading home,  a very good friend out walking her dogs so I joined her on a second walk.

075bI saw a green woodpecker that wasn’t amenable enough to stay still an be photographed, and explored the mounds and holes left by demolished military buildings that were on part of the land during the Second World War (I really must find out more about those),

014bAnd I also found this. I wonder what causes this type of growth on the trunk of the tree.

Anyway, now I’ve found this little path into the Country Park right on my doorstep, I am sure I shall be using it often.









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