I caught one (several times)

252bAfter visiting four churches on Saturday, I decided to top the journey off with a visit to the ruins of Waverley Abbey near Farnham.

The Abbey is owned by English Heritage and on a pocket of land in the middle of some farmer’s land alongside the River Wey.

I had a wander around, read the information boards and took some photos.

I was taking pictures of Waverley House reflected in the river when a couple stopped for a chat.

“Are you taking photographs of the heron?” they asked.

Well I wasn’t, cos I hadn’t even spotted him, but I certainly would attempt to now.

I returned to the car to grab the telephoto lens, hoping he would still be there when I returned … and he was.

I got as close to the edge as I could without falling in (I have a tendency to be a little accident prone sometimes) and took a couple of shots.

Then someone appeared on the other bank behind my heron and frightened him away.

269bBut as he flew away, I got this.

270bAnd this …

276bAnd this …

277bAnd this …

280bAnd this.

And they’re almost in focus :)


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