Closer to home

190bSometimes you need to explore what’s right on your doorstep.

Last weekend Man and I went in search of churches, we went to Winchester, we went to Greenwich and we had a whirlwind weekend.

Monday we decided to stay closer to home and went for a stroll around some lakes about a mile away from home.

Trilakes is a little centre for kids really, I used to take the girls there when they were young as there is a very small farm area where the youngsters can feed the animals.

I hadn’t visited for years but I knew there was no a kids indoor play area there, which pretty much gave me a good reason to avoid it :).

But on Monday, after a busy weekend, we didn’t want to travel too far so we thought we’d take a look.

The lakes are still lovely and, although it was a grey day, the water was beautifully still.

It gave us both a chance to practice different shots with our camera and I was quite please with some of them.

It’s the last day of autumn today, winter starts tomorrow so the robin seemed appropriate. And I love robins anyway.

It also means that all those people who have been supporting Movember this month (congratulations, well done etc etc) should now SHAVE! Yay.



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