Maybe it’s because you’re a Londoner

Walking through Greenwich on Sunday morning we were stopped by this guy.

Would we mind waiting, he said, just for a few minute while a film crew filmed the next scene.

Of course we wouldn’t, in fact we’d like to watch.

So we leaned on some railings and tried to figure out what was going on.

They were filming a film called Thursday Morning and had been on location there for about a fortnight.

This guy was a production assistant – which was a bit of a shame really cos I quite fancied meeting a key grip, a dolly grip or a best boy, nice enigmatic terms from film credits.

The film appears to have been written by, directed by and stars someone called Anthony Eggert and (a relative?) Johnene Eggert. Hmmm.

We saw a bus with a crushed bike underneath it, a car in an accident and a stunt man being hauled upwards and backwards on ropes by two blokes. All very technical.

Now some people didn’t like being stopped while they were going about their Sunday morning business. Others, like Man and I and a friendly, neighbourhood leaf blower, thought it all highly entertaining.

During a break in the filming, when people were allowed to walk through again, he fired up his leafblower to get on with his work.

Within ten seconds Mr Production Assistant had a call on his radio yelling for him to ‘turn the damn thing off!’ :)

But Londoners are resourceful and he wasn’t to be outdone.

He disappeared behind the fence, returned with Plan B and merrily carried on with his job.

He was the friendliest leaf sweeper in London and he made me smile.

A little further on our travels and we came across another flamboyant Londoner and I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with him – for a charitable fee, of course. He was collecting money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

This is me and my new friend The Pearly King. His taxi was amazing.

We sampled Spanish doughnuts in the market (well, I did any way) and they appeared to be bits of bread, soaked in sweet milk and fried and then covered in sugar. Hugely calorific but absolutely delicious.

And this guy was standing on a street corner giving people free hot chocolate, and not just any old hot chocolate, this was thick, gooey, indulgent, sweet, amazingly gorgeous hot chocolate. Lovely.

And these people are some of the reasons I like exploring new places and chatting to new people.

You can always find someone who is going to either teach you something or put a huge smile on your face.

Especially in a city like London.

  1. Ditto the above post. I’ve not traveled extensively but I have been to London a couple of times and claim it as my favorite city.

    • It’s a lovely city, I’m glad you enjoy it too :)

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