Weekly writing challenge: break the ice

I came across the weekly writing challenge for the first time last night so I thought I’d take a look.

The challenge was to comment on five random blogs, any topic you liked. Proper comments as well, not just putting ‘great post’.

So I gave it a go.

The first thing I typed in was British traditions and I came across a great post about running with flaming barrels in Ottery St Mary. I think that one is added to the list of things to see. But then this caught my eye (click here). He’s doing his own challenge like mine :) Well I had to comment on that one.

Then I searched for Middle Aged and found a very interesting blog from a lady just going through divorce. It struck a chord so I commented on that one too.

Next I tried something closer to home (well Man”s home anyway) and searched for Nottingham. I found this site (click here) with some amazing photos of Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, which is a place I love.

I searched for Albania and enjoyed reading about a journey through that country (click here). I then hooked out some of my own photographs of Albania, taken about six years ago and that brought back some happy memories.

Finally I typed in Dracula and found a review of the Bram Stoker book I have just finished reading myself.

It was a fun challenge, I’ve followed a few new blogs, a couple of people have followed mine and I learned some interesting stuff.

Now here are a few of those pictures of Albania I found, such a great place to explore … way to many octopi on the menus though :)

  1. Spiller said:

    Hi Dory, thanks for the mention, it’s not often you come across someone else who has been to Albania! It’s a very interesting country. I need to write more about it but life has been busy recently. I’ll get round to it soon. I like your blog too and the fabulous challenges you have set yourself. I shall enjoy reading how you get on – good luck!

  2. Good to think about things , out of the normal day to day routine….I need to try this and see where it takes me in my writing.

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