I think I’m human again

After a weekend of complete listlessness, I think I’m almost human again :)

I really have done pretty much nothing this weekend and, whereas I would normally feel guilty about such a long period of inactivity, I actually think I needed it.

So yesterday I managed to do the housework and pop down to the shops and edit the rest of the photos for my friend Sarah.

Sadly, the discs I had were playing up so I’ll get some more today, burn off the photos and stick them in the post.

I’m working today – boo! Second Monday on the trot. But I am at least working from home. I must bury myself in a fog of statistics. I did not become a journalist so I could do maths!

It’ll probably take me today and tomorrow, which is why I thought I’d better do something today.

I finished Cannery Row. Loved it. Steinbeck paints a picture of people with such skill. I’ve sort of started reading a history of Ellis Island. I flicked through the first few pages to see what it was like and just carried on, which is a pretty good sign I am interested in reading the rest of it.

I did not get out and take any photos, so here are a couple of the edited pics I will be sending to Sarah.

My first attempt at baby shots proved a little more difficult than I imagined, mainly because babies do not sit still. But I hope I’ve captured some of her character.

  1. Oh Dory you have made my day. Dear friend. These excellent photographs have reminded me of the wonder and glory of life. You captured perfectly all of this in your photographic artistry of a little child. Thank you dear friend. I will go to bed now (quite late here!) but big smile on my face, thanks again, Penny :)

    • Thank you Penny. You are right, a child’s wonder and curiosity reminds me of what life is all about :)

      • Always! :)

    • Thank you … she was very cute and very good natured :)

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