Can’t waste a beautiful day

You can barely see here where the reflection starts and the tree ends.

It was such a lovely day yesterday, it would have been criminal not to grab the camera and go out.

I didn’t want to go far, because I had lots of chores to do, but I didn’t want to waste the light either, so I popped back to Simons Wood for a walk.

There wasn’t much fungi to be found, most of it was buried under fallen leaves, but I did find this weird stuff.

The shadows were amazing, the light is getting lower and the shadows stretch.

At some points as I was strolling, it was so quiet you could actually hear the leaves falling from the trees.

Then this idiot appeared and shattered my peace. I don’t enjoy idiots, especially ones on stupid little bikes that sound like screaming lawnmowers riding through the countryside.

Very annoying.

I liked this though. Don’t you think it looks like some sort of Harry Potter monster eating its prey? Well I did. You can see the hind leg and the front leg, there’s a split in the wood that looks like and eye and a curve in the branch that looks like a mouth. Well, that’s what I can see anyway :)

The leaves have almost all fallen from the trees now and create a carpet on the forest floor. Nearly time for winter.

I liked the idea of this too.

This is what they had created.

I think that’s quite cool :)










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