Yay it’s the weekend

Anybody know what these marks are?

I found them on some of the stones in one of the churches I visited at the weekend. There were a few different marks, I wondered if they were stonemasons’ marks.

I’ll have to google it and find out.

I slept till 8am this morning! That is unheard of in my world. I think I must have been tired.

Today I’m off to east London to see my friend and her family and take some photos :) and then I really want to do some more reading and writing. I  have an idea for a ghost story – I like ghost stories very much – and I want to do a bit of work on some other ideas I’ve been mulling over.

I have got to the stage (age!) now that, unless I write down these minor flashes of brilliance, they disappear in a puff of confusion, never to be remembered again.

Whitby Abbey

I think I probably have ghost stories in mind after my visit to Whitby Abbey, the fact I’m still reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and also the inspiration from the beautiful church Man and I visited on Sunday.

Last Sunday was all very Victorian and all very Gothic and Victorians did ghost stories well :)

I only get a two day weekend this week, not a three day one. The new big boss of our company is coming on a royal visit on Monday and I have to go in to work.

So I best make the most of the two days I have then.


  1. The mark won’t be a stone mason’s mark Dory as I remember there was the same mark on the wall of my junior school and that was an Edwardian brick building. I once asked my teacher what it was and she said it indicated a known height above sea level that surveyors used. Whether that is correct or not I have no idea but good luck with your Google search.

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