It’s not the destination, it’s the getting there

Drax Power Station

It’s not always about where you’re going is it? Sometimes it’s about the journey and on Sunday, when Man and I went to Whitby to photograph Goths, it was one of the best road trips we’ve had.

We went on a roundabout route so we could take in the churches I wanted to see on the way.

We came across Drax Power Station. Man had started taking photos of the steam formation on the motorway. Then we left the motorway, came through some villages and came across this vista.

After visiting our churches, we drove the coastal route from Scarborough to Whitby, through the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. Such a beautiful drive.

Whitby itself was lovely. The river cuts through the middle of it and there are piles of higgledy piggledy houses going up the hills either side.

It has a wonderful harbour, a lovely sandy beach, the infamous Magpie Cafe where people were queuing all day to get fish and chips, little twisty lanes with gorgeous shops, a harbour wall with lighthouses, the marina, a bandstand, a statue and museum dedicated to it’s famous son Captain Cook and lots to see and do. And high on the cliff the imposing ruins of Whitby Abbey look down on the town.

I’d like to explore that area some more.

On the way home we drove across the Moors past the Hole of Horcum. Ha, is that not a brilliant name? In fact it came in quite high in the UK’s list of rude place names.

Anyway, as you might guess, it’s a big hole in the landscape, about 3/4 of a mile across.

Legend has it that a giant named Wade and his wife Bell, who lived in a castle nearby, had a bit of a domestic and he scooped up a load of earth and hurled it at her head. It missed and landed to form nearby Blakey Ridge.

Along this route is also the village of Goathland, which we didn’t stop and see because the sun was going down (and I turn into a pumpkin after dark) but that is where the television series Heartbeat was filmed, so we are going to have to go back :)

On Monday we discovered by accident a television programme called Britain’s Best Drives. It is from 2009 and has RIchard Wilson driving classic cars on beautiful drives through Britain as highlighted in guide books from the 1950s. The route between Scarborough and Whitby, across the Yorkshire Moors was one of them.

The others were St Ive’s to Lands End in Cornwall, the Trossachs in Scotland, the Lake District ending at Penrith, The Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley and north Wales from Caernarfon to Pwllheli. Guess what? Man and I have a new list of things to do :)

  1. My apologies. Haven’t been here for awhile but you and your family have been in my thoughts Dory. I love your journeys I always feel like I’m right there too, (the beautiful photographs help a lot also! :)

    • Thank you Penny, it’s lovely to have you drop by again :)

      • It is a pleasure, I enjoy visiting you each time I come!

  2. Yorkshire is one of my favourite places… Swaledale is a lovely drive if you’re exploring up there, Dory…and Richmond is supposed to be one of the most beautiful towns in England. You’d love the parish church ( where my brother was christened) and there are some of the famous Mouse Man’s carvings in it….

    • That sounds lovely Valerie, I would love to see some of Mouse Man’s carvings. I shall add it to the list :)

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