I’ve been slipping (and busy)


I haven’t posted anything for two whole days … and people missed me, thanks for the tweets and messages.

I’d like to say I was away somewhere exotic or doing something interesting.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve been working.

Yep, that’s it. Working to the exclusion of everything else. No blogging, no tweeting, no facebook, no reading, no writing, no photography, no nothing.

The most exciting thing that happened this week was the first bird landing on my bird feeder and me getting an out of focus photo of it – and that was Monday.

Since then, I’ve gone to work in the dark (and one morning even had to defrost my car which depressed me) and come home in the dark.

Twice I spent almost 15 hours each day at my desk.

Yesterday I was at work at 5.30am and I left at 7.45pm. I then drove up the motorway in a daze and got to Man’s just before 10pm.

He had baked me fresh bread… I love fresh bread, tastes wonderful and makes the house smell amazing.

He has also got me a pressie – 11,000 e-books! Yep, 11,000 of them.

I went through the list last night, there are all sorts from the complete works of Shakespeare, Steinbeck and Conan Doyle to books by Haruki Murakami (who is amazing), Plato, DH Lawrence and even several by Fanny Burney (I mentioned her last week as someone I wanted to find out more about).

Now, if I read two books a week, that’s (rounding it down) 100 a year, ten years to read 1,000 books and 100 years to read 10,000.

This could take a loooong time :). In fact it could take more than a week to go through them all and figure out which one I want to read first.

At the moment, the one I want to finish is Dracula. It is quite brilliant. We are off to Whitby tomorrow to see who we can spy at the autumn Goth weekend. I wanted to finish it before then.

A day of reading it is then :)

Oh, this is a photo of the stalk of a pumpkin, taken with on the macro setting on my new lens.


  1. well, I won’t send a you a copy of my book then! you’d never get to the 11,001 th !!!
    Love the pumpkin stalk… we must miss so much by not having magnifying eyes.

  2. nikkix2 said:

    Phew, glad your back,,,missed yah, even if it was only for 2 days :)

  3. Dory I loved this post. I am sorry about all the work hours though. But books oh my oh my. My favorite thing on the planet. Reading, I have boxes and boxes and my kindle is loaded too. What a wonderful gift my dear friend, enjoy!!!!

    • I know, the choice is amazing… I was very excited :)

      • As you should be! :)

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