I am intimidated by your large lens

Why am I intimidated by photographers with large lenses?

It’s like a statement of professionalism I suppose, I see them and think “Wow, you must be a professional photographer to have a lens like that – I’d better keep out of your way.”

I didn’t go far yesterday, it was a day of rest. I really need to shake off this cough and cold now, it’s been about a month and I can’t get rid of it.

So I pottered about, did some laundry, took the landlord’s post to the letting agent, changed my address at the doctors, that sort of thing.

Then I popped down to the local lake to try out my new lens (which is where I came across the two guys with lenses I probably wouldn’t be able to carry let alone shoot through).

There have been some changes since I last visited the lake.

They’ve put cattle in my way for example. Not a problem, I’ll just walk round them.

So this is your average picture of a swan.

And this is the photo cropped and blown up to see what sort of quality I could get.

Not bad, I thought.

So the lens works, it’s a question of getting the photographer too as well. So much I have to learn about my camera (and becoming expert at Photoshop is on my list of challenges too).

I tried a variety of subjects without changing the lens.

More funghi.

A damselfly.

And action shots.

Yep, I think me and my lovely new Tamron lens will be able to work together quite happily – thanks Mum, Dad, Girls and their Boyfs for a wonderful pressie :)








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